Things To Do While Social Distancing/Self Quarantine Part 2.
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Things To Do While Social Distancing/Self Quarantine Part 2.

It can be very stressful during this time, but here are a few more things you can do to help while social distancing and being quarantine.

Things To Do While Social Distancing/Self Quarantine Part 2.

Now that we are almost a month into our stay at home order here in North Carolina, Some of us may be getting cabin fever or getting bored with what we are doing every day, well here are a few more ideas that we can do to help past the time. I myself have taken up doodling, reading outside of my comfort zone and buying fake plants because they make me happy. Being stuck inside doesn't mean you can't do anything, and that all you can do is eat and watch TV. You can still go for walks and bike rides as long as you are socially distant from others. But if you are sick please stay inside and take care of yourself. And maybe do some of these indoor activities. So even though we are stuck inside most of the day, we can still make it a great day.



Try your hand at a 1000 piece puzzle, or a challenging crossword puzzle or even a Rubik's cube. There are a lot of free or cheap online games that can be fun as well.



Start a new journal or blog or even Vlog, you can write about your experience during this time, or you can make about something lighter, like all the foods you have been cooking/baking. or maybe a new exercise that you have been doing while staying at home, Vlog your experience, there are a lot of people that watch vlogs about how other people are doing and what they are doing to keep their sanity, there are so many things you can write and vlog about let your mind wander.

Learn a new Language


If you have ever wanted to learn a new language this would be a great time to start. Apps like Duolingo is a great way to learn a foreign language.

Big books


Read all the big books you have on your shelf that you have been meaning to read but either didn't have time or were too intimidated to read. Books like The Stand and IT by Stephen King are both over 1000 pages. If you don't have any big physical books you can always download an E-Book or Audiobook from Amazon or Audible



Start something new like meditating, this can be calming and help pass the time. Turn on some soothing music and maybe even light a new candle. You can even do this outside on your lawn or patio.



Start a self-care routine that you normally wouldn't have time for, something that maybe starts with a bath and wine and ends with a face mask. Everyone is different so do what you like and whatever order you like to do things in.

Vision Board

Make a vision board either on your wall, journal or make a digital one, you can write, cut and paste things you want to do this year once the quarantine and social distancing is over. I have stated one that includes going to the movies and taking my kids to the par. This can include anything and everything.

Hand lettering

Learn hand lettering, YouTube has some great videos on it, or you can take a class on platforms like Udemy, skillshare and

Spring Cleaning


This would be a good time to start spring cleaning, disinfecting everything and just going through everything you own and get rid of what you don't want. If you have little ones grabs some bins or boxes have them take them to their rooms, and every day they need to place 2 toys that they don't play with, and once it is full then it's ready for donation.It will help you declutter and not feel so overwhelmed.

Make a new Playlist


Search every kind of music you can, and make a playlist that makes you happy. Where you can dance around and sing to all your favorite songs. Music is one of the best things you can do when you are stressed, depressed, or just feel like you are alone. Music is very powerful so embrace it.

Online Group Hangouts


You can hangout with your friends online, do a zoom, Skype or google hangouts video chat, you can do this just to talk, or make it really fun and start a book club or even little competitions like cooking/baking or see who can finish a crossword puzzle the fastest. This is away that you can still see family and friends.

Since we don't know how long we will be in quarantine and social distancing, this is the best time to pick up a new skill or do something fun for yourself or with your family. These 11 things you can do by yourself or with loved ones. Please be safe and stay home and keep social distancing.

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