10 Things To Do When You Start Thinking About Your Ex
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10 Things To Do When You Start Thinking About Your Ex Instead Of Texting Them

Do whatever you want, just don't send that text.

10 Things To Do When You Start Thinking About Your Ex Instead Of Texting Them

Breakups are always tough. The worst thing about moving on is that it is often a long and painful process.

During this time of healing, you'll probably want to contact your ex. Whether it's for "closure" or just because you aren't quite ready to let them go.

However, before you resort to that, remember that contacting your ex will keep you from healing and moving on.

Getting them off your mind can often be quite the challenge though. So, here is your guide for 10 things to occupy your mind whenever you think about your ex.

1. Go for a run

I guarantee that you will not be able to focus on anything else besides the fact that you're running

2. Do something good for someone else

You could volunteer or even pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive-thru. Doing something good for someone else will make you feel good and help take your mind off of them.

3. Try a new recipe

After all, food is 100% better than boys.

4. Call your mom

She misses you and she'll always remind you of the amazing person that you are.

5. Go somewhere with a friend

Have fun because life is too short to think about guys who don't give a f**k.

6. Put on a killer playlist

Remind yourself of the badass that you are.

7. Write down everything bad they ever did to you

I can guarantee that afterwards you will not be thinking about calling them.

8. Post some thirst traps

Remind them what they're missing and that you're out of their league.

9. Do some yoga


Calm your mind and get that boy out of your head.

10. Love yourself

Love yourself enough to remind yourself that you deserve better and that this pain is just temporary. Don't give them the time of day, but start giving some of that energy to yourself instead.

Focusing on yourself will help you find happiness within yourself and will lead you towards much better relationships down the road.

Never settle because you're worth it.

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