12 Problematic Behaviors That Are Too Common In 2020
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Politics and Activism

12 Things That Are Very Not OK In 2020 But Are Still Very Common

I consider myself to be a generally accommodating person, but these things are non-negotiable in my book.

12 Things That Are Very Not OK In 2020 But Are Still Very Common

Warning: If you want to pretend you're still in the 20th century, don't read any further. But if you, like me, are in the 21st century, you know that there are things that in the past may have been brushed off, but that needs to end now.

Here's a few major things that are not OK.

Being homophobic or anything but kind and respectful toward the LGBTQ community

I don't care if you don't support it for whatever reason, but don't tear people down for who they love or how they identify.

Telling a girl to cover up or that she's showing too much skin (especially when it's something as trivial as shoulders)

I still remember the time I was told to unroll my sleeves at a youth group event and it pisses me off to this day. I don't think God should have a problem with shoulders seeing as he created them.

If guys can take off their shirts in public, girls can wear crop tops or short skirts without being told it's "inappropriate" because in case you aren't aware, we're not immune to heat.

Being racist

You might not think you're racist, but if you treat someone differently because of the color of their skin, rethink your beliefs.

Being shocked when you see a multiracial family

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Lovings 53 years ago.

Getting angry over peaceful protests than getting even angrier when they grow violent because you didn't take it seriously in the first place

Kneeling peacefully didn't work for you, so until you actually pay attention and things change, be prepared for escalation.

Judging people for going through life stages in a different order than you would

If you want to get married then have a kid, go for it. If you want to have a kid then get married, go for it. If you want to have a bunch of kids, but never get married, go for it. There's no set way to live your life.

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Dismissing mental illnesses

Mental illnesses are real and can cause as many challenges as a physical illness, so they're not something to just brush under the rug.

Hate comments on social media posts

To the people who sit at home in your parent's basement and trash people for how they look, knock it off. For some, posting on social media is a challenge and you're not making it any easier by being a jerk. You have no right to tear them down.

Forcing a woman to conform to your expectations for her body

All I have to say is: My body, my choice.

Making people feel like crap for how they look

Most people already feel insecure when it comes to how they look without your help. As someone who has been overweight since I was little and spent significant time bald, I can attest to the insecurity and it doesn't help when I know other people are seeing me that way.

Saying "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter"

Perfect explanations of why this is wrong.

One of my favorites is regarding a house on fire. If only one house was on fire, you wouldn't try to put a fire out in all the other houses. Right now, Black people are the ones being persecuted, so they are the focus.

Supporting anyone who does any of these things

I consider myself to be a generally accommodating person, but these things are non-negotiable in my book.

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