The ABC's Of Israel
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The ABC's Of Israel

A listicle that gives just a little insight into beloved things in Israel.

The ABC's Of Israel

A is for Aroma

B is for Bamba

And you thought Cheese puffs were the best of the best, meet the snack champ.

C is for Challah

D is for Dead Sea

Everyone says they float. You see pictures of people floating. But trust me, you won't believe it until you're there, floating!!!

E is for Eilat

With it's boardwalk and boat rides, Eilat is a magical city in Israel unlike any other.

F is for Falafel

G is for Golan Heights

H is for Hebrew

Even if you go to Israel and can't speak a word of it, you'll pick up on a handful of common sayings and words while you're there. In just a few days you'll be saying "toda" (thank you) and "s'leecha" (excuse me) like you've been living there your whole life!

I is for IDF

The Israeli Defense Force. The army of soldiers that protects and serves Israel with love and dedication every day. Anywhere you go in Israel, you'll see soldiers. Not only are they strong and brave, but they are also kind and friendly. Israel's mandatory draft brings 18 year olds into the army for two to three years, depending on gender. These people are wise beyond their years, and just talking to them is an experience you'll never regret or forget.

J is for Jerusalem

K is for Kehillat-Kadoshah

Jewish Community, something that is filled with love and pride.

L is for Love

M is for Masada

N is for Negev Desert

Spend a night in the Beduin Tents in the Negev desert. Never in your life will you see a sky with more shooting stars or a more beautiful sunrise.

O is for Old City

In Jerusalem, Old City is the home of the holiest cites of the Jewish people.

P is for Pop Rock Chocolate

Q is for Quality

Everything, from the food to the people, the owners of shops in markets and tour guides, everything about the country is top notch!!

R is for Red Sea

Right between Israel and Jordan, the Red Sea is absolutely beautiful (and very fun to go snorkeling in!)

S is for Shuk

Machane Yehuda, Shuk HaCarmel, and so many more amazing markets with food, boutiques, jewelry shops and soo much more!

T is for Tzfat

Looking for an opal hamsa necklace? Bracelet? Earrings? This is your spot!

U is for Unleavened Bread

V is for Vivacious

Nowhere else in the world will you find a country with as much pep in their step as you will find in Israel.

W is for Western Wall

X is for eXcitement

Because what's more exciting than being in Israel?! The place of your people, this country is simply amazing.

Y is for Yad Vashem

There aren't words to explain what it's like walking through this museum. Unlike any other museum dedicated to the memorial and remembrance of the holocaust, this museum literally walks you through the horrors and suffering of those in the holocaust.

Z is for Zikaron

As in Yom Zikaron, Israeli Memorial Day. Parties and parades in the street, Israeli flags draped over balconies and shoulders, it's a celebration unlike any other.

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