15 Things Temple Students Miss During Summer Break
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15 Things All Temple Students Miss About Campus During Summer Break

A majority of the list is just food related.

15 Things All Temple Students Miss About Campus During Summer Break
Sam Margolis

I didn't realize how much I missed being at Temple until I was home for barely a week when summer first started. I couldn't wait for classes to be over so I could finally catch a break, but now that I've been away from campus for over a month, I'm getting more and more excited to go back in the fall.

If you're also a Temple student, you probably miss most, if not all, of these things about being on campus:

1. Richie's

@iloverichies on Twitter

Truly a gift.

2. Chilling on Beury Beach

Sam Margolis

There's no better feeling than laying out on the grass, listening to music, and eating ice cream with friends outside Beury on a nice day when everyone's walking by and enjoying the weather.

3. The food trucks

@templeuniv on Instagram

The existence of the food trucks are vital to life on campus. Without them we are NOTHING.

4. Maxi's

Eating food from Maxi's at 1am on a weekday when you have a lot of homework to do really hits different. Also can I just say that their BBQ wings SLAP.

5. Bagel Hut

@templeuniv on Instagram

Picture this: it's 10:30am on a Tuesday and you have class at 11 but decide to stop at Bagel Hut on the way. The line isn't too long, so you decide to go ahead and order thinking it'll be ready in time.

It's 10:40 and you start sweating because your bagel still isn't done.

"Why is it taking so long?" You think to yourself as the clock strikes 10:45.

Finally, your order is called with five minutes to spare.

You only have a little bit of time to walk across campus to get to class, so you have to eat the bagel on the way instead of taking it back to your dorm like you originally planned.

Although you experienced a heightened sense of anxiety waiting for your bagel for over 15 minutes, you go back the next day and order another one.

This cycle repeats daily throughout the year, and the bagels are delicious every time.

6. Seeing your college friends everyday

Sam Margolis

It's weird not seeing the people I've been used to seeing everyday since August.

7. Your roommates

Sam Margolis

GOD I miss them so much it hurts.

8. Getting TU alerts every 5 seconds


There's nothing like waking up to yet another notification that the 7/11 on Broad has been robbed.

9. Getting texts from your parents immediately after they got the same TU alert 

Yes dad, I'm fine.

10. Midnight 7/11 runs


Rest in peace to my diamond dollars because this is where they were all spent.

11. Founder's Garden

The cutest and most chill part of campus. The perfect spot for doing homework or eating your Bagel Hut bagel.

12. Which Wich

My diet consisted strictly of Which Wich for the entirety of second semester.

13. Narnia

If you know, you know.

14. The parties


I'm personally not a party person, but I know many people at Temple are, so I think it's safe to say that parties are something they miss about school.

15. The overall good vibes

@templeuniv on Instagram

The people at Temple and the campus itself just give off really positive energy and being there makes me feel good. T for Temple U, am I right?

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