Tall girls hear a lot of crap everyday and most of the time we just roll our eyes at what we hear. We have heard all the jokes about the weather and whatever other jokes that people come up with that they think are funny. I personally have developed a whole range of replies to those jokes and the comments that people like to make; however, this article is all about the things that us tall girls hear on a daily basis.

1. Wow, you must have played on so many sports teams in high school.

Band counted as gym so it counts as a sport, right? If so, then yes. If not, no.

2. What sport do you play in college?

Hi, I may have the height to play on a Division One Basketball Team, but I don't have the athletics ability to do so. The last time I played basketball was in Biddy League and I was horrible.

3. How tall are your parents?

I usually tell them how tall my dad is and then tell them about how short my mom is. I honestly get so sick of this question.

4. Your dress is too short.

My legs are long and I can't help it #notsorry.

5. Guys won't like you since you are so much taller than them.

If anyone tells this to any of my fellow tall girls out there, cut those negative people out of your life. I struggled with this for a long time and guess what?

I'm now happily dating a wonderful man that is two inches shorter than me and IT DOESN'T MATTER! The right guy will love you for exactly who you are and won't care that you are taller.

6. Is there enough leg room back there?

Yes, of course, is my answer even though my knees are in the air and I barely can get my legs behind the seat. *For anyone who has tall friends please make it a rule that tall friends automatically call shotgun at all times.*

7. Are you sure that you don't need to order the tall size?

I hear this from my mom and grandma all the time when I order my clothes.

Thankfully, I have found a brand that I consistently order from that always meets my expectations and fits perfectly!

8. Wow, you have gotten so tall.

Well, I mean you haven't seen me since I was five so I was bound to grow at some point.

9. Can you move to the back for the picture?

No, I really don't because I want to be in the front with all my friends, but whatever.

10. Do you like being tall?

I think I have a love-dislike relationship with it because sometimes it's great and other times it's not.