For all you girls out there in a sorority, there's a good chance you've at some point experienced some critical comments about being involved with Greek life. Sorority girls are often stereotyped in a negative light. When telling someone you're in a sorority who has no experience with Greek life, chances are you'll get a question or comment similar to some of these. It's time for sorority girls to stop being ridiculed and misjudged.

1. You pay for your friends.

This statement is beyond ridiculous. No, you are not "paying" for your friends. You're paying to be in a national organization that does a lot of good not only to your campus but to surrounding communities and other organizations. Yes, most of my friends are in my sorority but if something happened and we were no longer sisters, I am confident that my best friends would remain my best friends. Paying to be in a sorority is one of the most rewarding things I've done in college. However, if I have yet to change your mind about this then if I am "paying for my friends", I'm certainly not paying enough. Joining a sorority has given me some of the best friends I'll ever have and I will forever be thankful for the memories and college experience I am having because of them.

2. Why do you all dress alike?

We dress similar because we have similar interests, just like every other organization or sports team on a college campus. We all have our own individual style; however, wearing our letters once a week is not to look like an old high school clique, but to show off our letters and how proud we are to represent our organization. Similar interests are what often brings people together.

3. Did you get hazed?

No, no, and NO. This is 2017, hazing has not been a thing for years now. Hazing is wrong and the act of hazing has been banned for a good amount of time now. This is often a misconception about sororities and the media doesn't help that matter. The majority of what you see on the news about sororities or fraternities are often them hazing; however, this is rare and those Greek organizations are penalized for their wrong doing. Hazing is a serious matter and Greek organizations know better than to even consider doing something so horrible. Unfortunately, the media portrays Greek life as hazing, partying, and other negative things of that matter. The media needs to show the good that Greek life does rather than focusing on how they have gone wrong. It's not fair for all Greek organizations to be stereotyped based off of a couple of organizations wrong doings.

4. All you do is drink Starbucks and gossip with your sisters.

Wrong. We do a lot of things for the community as well as our campus. Sororities are involved with multiple philanthropies that they donate money to, host fundraisers, and put forth a lot of community service in their area. Sorority girls are often misjudged as to what their sororities do, and in fact, it's far more than drinking Starbucks and gossip.

5. You're judgmental & materialistic.

Absolutely not. We are not judgmental. Each individual sorority has their own expectations and idea of what they are looking for in potential new members whether it's GPA, extracurricular activities, or simply because you automatically clique with them. Some sororities are not meant for you and some are.