27 Things Nobody Tells You About Working With High Schoolers

As a new teacher or paraeducator in any school, there are a ton of things that you aren't told before your first day. Here are just 27 of those things.

1. You will never have a day where you don't laugh 

2. You will always get complimented (or insulted) by someone

3. If you are a young teacher, they'll never be too cool for you

4. If you are a young teacher, they'll open up more to you 

5. If you're a young teacher, your room will become the ultimate hang out spot

6. After all, what happens in Ms. Woodford's room, stays in Ms. Woodford's room

7. High schoolers are actually self sufficient (like way more than we think)

8. Some of these students had to grow up way too fast 

9. Which makes them more independent and responsible 

10. But also more vulnerable 

11. High schoolers want to succeed just as much as we (teachers) want them to 

12. High schoolers have way more love to offer to the teachers that care than we think

13. High schoolers are still to be considered tiny humans

14. Because they need just as much love, attention, and nourishment that we give tiny humans

15. They genuinely want to 'be good' and 'do good' 

16. They aren't always going to tell you when they're hurting 

17. They aren't always going to be open about their personal lives

18. Some of them are really hard nuts to crack 

19. Some students are forced to work full time 

20. Some students live at the local rescue mission center (homeless community) 

21.  Some students haven't found their purpose or drive yet, so be patient 

22. A lot of students don't know what they want to do after high school  

23. A lot of students feel an immense amount of pressure to be perfect 

24. And to do things that they don't actually want to do 

25. Some students 'straight up aren't having a good time'

26. When your students see you in public and say hi, they really like you 

27. When a student opens up to you, put your listening ears on but remember you are a mandated reporter

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