Four Things You Didn't Know You Would Need for College

Four Things You Didn't Know You Would Need for College

There's more to on-campus living then instant noodles and free t-shirts. During my first week at a University, I found myself needing things they never mention in those college packing lists.

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At this point, many University students are either still settling into their weekly routines or have already adjusted to their new campus lifestyle.

Like many incoming Freshmen, I looked into buying the typical college supplies way before the semester actually started. Yes, I bought the Tide PODS Laundry Detergent and the Maruchan Ramen Noodles, as well as a good portable charger. But, within my first week, I learned that there are some things you'll really need that never make it onto any college supply list.

Here are four things I bought my first week of college that I never knew I would need:

An Umbrella

If any readers live in Texas, you'll understand where I'm coming from with this. The weather can be unpredictable at times and sure, there are those that don't mind getting a little wet, but if you're like me, when it starts to rain in the middle of class and you've got another class in an hour, on the other side of campus, you'll begin to regret not listening to your mom about bringing an umbrella, or at least taking a jacket before you left your dorm room.

The first day it rained, I borrowed a friend's umbrella and bolted to the on-campus Barnes & Noble and bought the first retractable umbrella I could find. While there, I also bought something that many students who take late classes, who prefer to study at the library until closing, or who just get cold easily may also want to invest in.

A University Hoodie

Whether you're a Freshman, like me, or a Senior about to graduate, you should always have that hoodie that not only shows your school pride but also keeps you cozy in that chilly classroom or during those late night walks back to your dorm.

Prices may range, depending on your school, but I truly believe that you'll get your money's worth in the long run. Everyone needs that go-to hoodie to throw over their pajamas when they make a late-night grocery run or need protection against the elements in the quickly approaching fall season.

Boxes of Granola Bars

If you're in college, the amount of actual free time you have is most likely minuscule. Between classes, getting together with friends, and the ridiculous amount of reading your professors assign to you, eating may be one of the last concerns on your list.

Having a few boxes of granola bars, or protein bars, in your dorm or in your car is the best answer. Whether you start the day with an 8 a.m. class or a 2 p.m. class, you need to start with something in your stomach. If you're like me, and can't be bothered to walk to the cafeteria two blocks away or don't want to make something in your dorm that would be a hassle to carry to class, I suggest a good granola bar to eat while you walk.

Granola bars and protein bars are my morning life savers. They're small packages of deliciousness that come in a variety. You can even throw a couple in your backpack to eat throughout the day if you're really pressed for time.

A Lanyard

I brought my car with me to campus, but I've hardly used it. The first day of class, I learned pretty quickly that it was a bad idea to put my house keys, car keys, P.O box keys, dorm room key, and bike lock keys all on one key ring.

Buying a separate lanyard for only the keys that pertain to your campus needs is a good way to not only lighten the weight of the ring you keep your car keys on but to also keep your keys organized. Currently, my car keys are tucked safely in a drawer while my lanyard is in my backpack. I also attached a badge holder to the lanyard so that I have my student ID at the ready, without having to dig through my bag for my wallet.

So to all those incoming freshmen, or even those grown-up Seniors, I hope this article helps you in some way and you find that perfect hoodie or give yourself a high-five when it starts to pour and you can confidently whip out your umbrella, but most of all, I hope you enjoy the college experience because it only lasts until graduation.

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