Things From High School You'll Definitely Miss In College
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9 High School Things You'll Miss Once You Get To College, I Promise

Yes, college is an amazing adventure, but sometimes I long for the comforting routine of high school.

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Sarah Wright

Once senioritis kicks in, everyone is ready to leave high school behind forever and start their new lives at college, but after a few years of craziness, there are a few things you might miss from your high school days. Don't get me wrong, college is probably the coolest, most eye-opening four-year experience of your life, but after a while, you'll miss that special comfort that high school brought into your life. The constant routine that made life so easy, stress-free, and familiar.

Everyone had a different high school experience, some good, some bad; but no matter what your experience was like, some memories will bring a nostalgic comfort into your hectic college life.


Uniforms? Really? One of the things I absolutely couldn't wait for was to NOT have to wear my uniform every day. I could dress up and look cute for class in shorts as short as I wanted and tank tops, or even just a t-shirt and Nike shorts, Chacos to class instead of Oxfords or Keds? Heck yeah! However, after a year or so of not having a set wardrobe to wear every day and having to put thought into what to wear every day, I definitely missed the speedy mornings of waking up, throwing on my button-up shirt, plaid skirt, knee-high socks, and walking out the door.

Lunch Time

In college, I never, and still don't have a designated time for meals...I basically just eat when I remember that I forgot to eat in the first place. Whereas in high school, as soon as that lunch bell rang, you could see the clusters of friends forming, ready to wait in line together to grab a tray of glorious food (i.e. fries, milk bags, and bread rolls), and sit at the same table that everyone knew your friend group sat at every day. Something about lunchtime in high school felt like a ritual; always very soothing and filled with the daily gossip, a time for your friend group to reconvene. When you look around the dining hall in college, you'll see a lot of people sitting by themselves, which is actually very normal in college, whereas in high school, it would have been torture.

Having coaches as teachers

Every high school had them, those teachers that also doubled as a coach for one of the schools' sports teams. Their classes were always the easiest, usually treated as more of a study time or free period. They were always the best teachers, breaking down the lesson as simple as possible, and allowing us to eat in class, take off our shoes, and untuck our shirts. My favorite thing to do in these classes was to ask to get out and do my track exercises for the day instead, or simply wander around the school with friends, and visit other classrooms.


During lunch period, after we had dumped our trays, there was always a rhetorical question asked within my friend group; "Wanna go to the library?" and the response was ALWAYS "Yeah." It may not have been the library at other schools, but at my high school, you either went to the library, the gym, or the locker rooms for the remainder of the lunch period. When you walk into a collegiate library, people are actually studying. In a high school library, you can claim a table, couch, or computer area with your friends and simply lounge, goof off, study, or do your homework for the day until the bell rang for class.

Being able to do homework in class

In college, homework is the absolute worst! Everyone has it and everyone struggles with it. Sometimes it can be quick and easy but more often than not, it will take you a good one to two hours just to finish homework for one class. Also, in college you have to set aside time in your day to sit down and do nothing but homework and study, whereas in high school, there was normally a good 20 to 30 minutes at the end of class where the teacher was done and you could knock out all of your homework for that day.

My friend group

College is where you meet new people, and they're some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. You go through a huge life transition with them and grow into an adult with them, but you'll always miss the ones back home. College and high school are both huge growth periods in your life, so you go through a lot with both sets of friends. I always think of what it would be like to combine my friend group from high school with my college friend group. I've grown so much since high school that I'm not sure that I'd act normal or revert back to my high school personality. In high school, your friend group is filled with people that you've known since pre-school; you know their families and you do the same after-school activities with them; you know them inside and out. In college, you're meeting these people halfway through their lives, and you have to play catch up to get to know them.


In high school, there are parking zones for each grade, and I had no idea how much I would miss that. In college, I don't even move my car because it's never guaranteed that I'll be able to find one on campus again until the next day. Not all high schools have designated parking spots for each car, but people just knew who parked where, and life was so much easier.

Your teacher was your friend

I sometimes hear people talking about how close they are with their professors, and I haven't experienced that yet. In high school, all of my teachers already knew me from teaching my older siblings or growing up with my parents. Some of my high school teachers are my biggest role models, and I love going back home to see them. These teachers saw you in a small classroom every day and could tell if you were having a bad day. Due to such large classes, some college professors aren't able to get a name to face unless you visit them during their office hours, and even then, they still have 200 plus other students to remember.

School unity

I attended a private Catholic high school, so every morning, the Dean of Students would pick up the intercom and tell the entire school "good morning students." We would stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, the school pledge, and listen to any announcements for the day. Morning routines like this brought unity to the school, whereas in college, there is a different sense of unity. In college, the unity is in the name of your school.

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