If you're currently enrolled, college can be a totally stressful thing; deadlines to remember, professors to impress, roommates to (hopefully) befriend. After college is over, though, all of the things you once found annoying will become things that start to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel nostalgic to think about. For example...

1. Campus life.


Campus life is, undoubtably, the most exciting part of college. Living on campus really feels like there's a whole new world at your fingertips. You've got so many nooks and crannies on campus to explore, from academic buildings to food options, and living on campus is an environment that is so different from any other place you could live. While you're there, it's easy to take it all for granted, but once you graduate, you'll definitely be longing to go back.

2. Going to class.


I know that while you're actually there, going to class was one of the biggest struggles of college life. But, once you're out of the academic world, going to class is something you'll miss. Having somewhere to be at a set time, only once or twice (or even three times) a day, and then having the rest of the day to plan out for yourself...that's an odd type of freedom that only comes from college. Sure, you have homework and exams, but you also have the flexibility of being able to figure everything out for yourself – when to work on your deadlines, when to hang out with friends, when to squeeze in a Netflix binge – without having to worry about how it affects anyone else.

3. Knowing that everyone around you is in the same boat.


College is the only place where everyone around you is doing the same thing you are. No matter what major, or minor, every student is working on homework assignments and studying for finals. It's truly the only place where you can be surrounded entirely by other people who are experiencing the same thing as you.

4. Getting to take interesting classes.


While college does force you to go to classes you would have otherwise never taken, it's also a great opportunity to explore new topics you might end up enjoying. Most, if not all, departments in your university or college are going to have some weird, off-the-wall course that you'd never imagine existed. Being able to sign up for random classes is a fun and unique opportunity. Sure, you may have to take that pre-req math course, but you can also take folklore studies, bowling, or dog walking.

5. Getting to know professors.


Students aren't the only interesting people on college campuses; often times, getting to know your professors can be awesome, too. Some of my favorite bonds I formed in college were with professors, and looking back on it, they're the bonds I find myself missing most. Getting to know professors provided so many opportunities, like having a professor you know you'd want to take courses from again and again, or having help with resumes and letters of recommendation.

6. Meeting interesting people.


As stated earlier, college is a place where everyone is experiencing the same thing, but it's also a place where you can meet people from so many different places. Even though everyone there is a student, they come from all across the globe and have so many different backgrounds; from exchange students to unlikely friends, you never really know who you're going to meet.

7. Hanging out in the library.


The library was, hands down, my favorite place on campus. I spent so much time there studying for exams, getting homework done, and even just hanging out with friends and my boyfriend. In a lot of ways, the library was the heart and soul of my campus, and being there made me feel so at home in my academic world. When I have a day off from work, or just a period of a few hours with no plans, I wish I could just pack my bags and walk to the library like I used to.

There are, surely, thousands of other things about college that I could mention on this list, but these si are definitely the ones I think about often. In a lot of ways, college is bittersweet; you can feel so easily overwhelmed and annoyed with college while you're there, but when you're gone, you begin to realize that everything you struggled with, and everything you overcame, ended up being something you're going to miss forever.