Being a part of something for nearly half a year can have a lot of impact on a person. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. As I bid my farewell to my virtual family, I shed light on what I have learned while writing for the Odyssey.

*Parental Guidance Advised*

1. Everyone thinks you're talking about the poem by Homer

2. Everyone reading from their mobile phone hates you because of the ads

3. The same three people from your team will be featured on the Odyssey Facebook page all year

4. All of the popular articles are just slight variations of one another that people copy


5. The goal seems to be what will stir up the most drama 

6. When people disagree with your writing, they don't say your idea sucks—they say you as a person suck. 

7. Your success is determined by how many people you can manipulate into reading your click-baited material

8. No one knows what you write about and they still hate you 

9.  Your future employer will hire you seeing that you have it on your resume


10. The editor will change whatever they feel like (without running it by you) and 9/10 times misspell something, making you look like the illiterate one 


11. Did I mention it's clickbait garbage?