Adults wish they were kids without worries again, and kids say they want to be adults with more freedom. After graduating college, I can confirm that I wish I could go back to college — or better yet — high school. Back then, all of my income was disposable. Anything I made from my job was mine to spend however I wanted. Now, all of my income is saved for making rent, paying bills, and buying groceries. My idea of splurging for the week is buying a coffee before work instead of making my own.

Here are some expenses young people should appreciate being able to afford before it's too late.

1. Convention tickets

Emerald City Comicon (ECCC), Sakuracon, etc. The tickets for the event are expensive to begin with, but add to that if you want to cosplay when you attend. You may also have to use your savings for the year to buy souvenirs too. But it's easier when you don't have to worry about buying food for next week.

2. Concert tickets

Music is amazing, and live music is even better. Concert tickets can vary in price depending on the popularity of the band and the choice of venue. Either way, it's unlikely you leave at the end without any merch bought too.

3. Headphones

My nice headphones cost me over $100. Even older laptops still cost a lot, and gaming systems and the games for them aren't cheap either. It's not even worth trying to keep up to date with the latest phone upgrades. But we live in a very technology-crazed society.

If there's anything I recommend saving your money to spend on, it's experiences. Spend money on the concerts and the conventions, and pass on the material items that won't matter years later like memories do.