Going to college made me appreciate my mom and all the little things she would do for me. I call her multiple times a day even though we are living our own lives and I wouldn't have it any other way. Super thankful to have a mom and best friend all in one.

1. To ask her to send me a picture of my dog back home

2. "How long do I cook pork steaks for?"

3. To rant about my long day

4. "How do I turn the oven on?"

5. To listen to her rant about her long day

6. Whenever I had a weird dream and I just HAD to tell her

7. Whenever I question adulting

8. To tell her random health symptoms that mean absolutely nothing.. just don't look up your "symptoms"

9. Asking if something is normal/ not normal (90% of the time, it's not normal)

10. "I was going to ask you something but now I forgot. Anyways, what're you doing?"

11. Whenever I need her mom-advice

12. Whenever I need a friend

13. I miss her voice

14. Whenever I need reassurance

15. Just because I love her. Lots.