Seven Things that Happen When You're From New Jersey
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Seven Things that Happen When You're From New Jersey

We're unique and... well, we know it!

Seven Things that Happen When You're From New Jersey

People from New Jersey are their own breed. We're born, raised, and treated differently and it results in a unique type of person. The minute you tell someone you are from New Jersey, there's a good chance you'll hear the usual, "Ah I should have known! You (insert stereotype here)!" Of course, there are subdivisions of people within Jersey (North Jersey-ans, Pineys, Beach Combers, etc.), but for this list, we will be focusing on New Jersey citizens as a whole. This is because no matter how big our differences are, there are a few things that make us true Jersey-ans, and certain characteristics certainly blossom from it.

1. You are easily annoyed by the way people outside of NJ talk.

In New Jersey, we tend to kind of create our own words. It probably gets under your skin whenever you're out of state and hear someone call a hoagie a "sub" or "hero sandwich." It's just not right and you will argue to the end that Philadelphia water ice is so much different than shaved ice people in Missouri will find at the state fair.

2. You are convinced that you don't have an accent.

You might pronounce things a little differently (and well, we feel correct compared to most states), but you will swear till your grave that you do not have an accent. The voices made famous by "Jersey" based television shows are so far from the Jersey truth and sound more like one of the shoobies you'd meet from New York. You get ready for a fight anytime someone starts on your voice, which in turn makes your not-accent get thicker. Yes, it is "cawfee" and if you try to laugh and tell us it's "cahfee" you're going to get your Dunkin's spat in.

3. You are a very picky eater.

In New Jersey we have the best foods in the United States of America. Our pasta is to die for, and if you leave the tri-state area, you know you can never ask for a cheesesteak. Some states actually just put a full piece of steak and some cheese on a bun and try to call it a Philly Cheesesteak! It's blasphemy! You mentally cry whenever your cousin from Virginia asks if you want to order pizza because you know it won't live up to your standards. Every vacation is subtitled by a journey to find somewhere that makes pork roll (or Taylor Ham, if you're from North Jersey). When you finally do find that place, you laugh with your family for at least a half hour about how they make it incorrectly while also cringing.

4. Your eyes automatically roll when you see out of state "forests."

Looking at three scrawny maple trees is kind of pathetic when you're used to riding your Jeep through Wharton State Forest on the weekends. If walking through a forest doesn't include smelling Cedar water and getting stuck in sugar sand... well, what's the point?

5. You feel a pit in the stomach when someone says they've never been to the beach.

It hurts your Jersey soul when you have to be reminded that some states have no beaches within driving distance. No matter where you are in Jersey it's at most an hour drive to your nearest sandy ocean. It might take longer to get to your preferred or least polluted one, but the fact that some people have never felt the burning sand between their toes makes you want to cry.

6. You have become a superior driver to literally any out of state vehicle.

Don't even get us started, Pennsylvania. We drive how we live; faster and more efficient. You grew up on highways and learned to master circles and jughandles before you took your driving test. Passing on any road has become second nature to you, and the only slow driver that is an exception to your road rage.. is a tractor.

7. You are a world-renowned debater.

One thing people in New Jersey like to do is argue. Some of our famous debates include the "Sprinkles V. Jimmies" and the "Pork Roll V. Taylor Ham." People know they're out with a Jersey-an when you, as their date, asks to see the manager and end up feuding with someone you've never met, nor will ever meet again.

We're from New Jersey, and yes, we know you know that. We are a one of a kind state, full of a special kind of people. We are proud, and will tell you exactly where we're from before you even ask.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments what you do because you grew up in New Jersey!

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