1. "How does your mom feel?"

She has tattoos, we have matching ones.

 2. "How does your dad feel?"

He is also tattooed.

 3. "What are you going to do about a job?"

Well, education is a pretty accepting field, but invest in longer sleeves I guess.

 4. "Did it hurt?"

Yeah, I had several needles going into my skin for four hours without a break.

 5. "How many do you have?"

Plenty. Frankly, I have stopped counting.

 6. "What does that tattoo mean?"

Not all of mine have meaning, and that is okay, some do. I literally have a tattoo of sunglasses that was randomly generated and paid fifty bucks for it, there is not a huge backstory.

 7. "How much was that?"

I don't ask how much you paid for you car, because asking strangers about finances is rude.

 8. "Why would you do that, you are so pretty!"

Well, I think my tattoos are pretty, and I find them attractive. I would not be with someone who had such a problem with them.

 9. "Yeah I only have one, I want to get more though."

Okay, you do you. But please, don't go on about it.

 10. "Do you have any hidden tattoos?"

I guess.I have some on my back, but I am not taking my shirt off. (This is usually said by creepy guys.)

 11. "Who does your tats?"

*Asked mostly by creepy guys.*

 12. "Why so many?"

I'm 5'5, I have a decent amount of skin.

 13. "Are you getting anymore?"

Probably. Yes, totally.

 14. "Did you go to school?"

I have my Associate's, and am in school. I have been on Dean's List. Don't judge a book by it cover.

 15. "Why 'that' one?"

It's my skin, I do what I want.

 16. "Would you let you children get tattoos?"

Sure, if they are of age, responsible, and not getting their significant other's name.

 17. "How old were you when you started getting tattoos?"

16, with parental consent.

 18. "Are you going to be a tattoo artist?"

I'm not really planning on it.

 19. *Random touching by strangers*

I am not touching your moles, so please ask first. Or better yet, unless I know you, just assume it is a no.

 20. "I have something like that."

I wouldn't doubt it.

 21. "Why do you have them in color?"

I am a colorful person.

 22. "How will it look when your older?"

Like my skin would anyways. The tattoos would age, but you can always get touch-ups.

 23. "Did you bleed?"

Yes, of course, there are needles going into my skin.

 24. "Did you pass out?"

No. While this is a possibility, I know to eat and drink plenty of water.

 25. "How does your boyfriend feel about it?"

He likes them, but it does not matter anyways since it is my body. Also, this usually is a trap to find out if you have a boyfriend.

 26. "Are they real?"

No, I draw them on with Sharpie every morning.

 27. "Tattoos on a girl are sexy."

I feel uncomfortable, stop saying this.

 28. "Tattoos on a girl are trashy."

Judging based off an appearance trait I chose, and basically can't change, is trashy. Judgement like this is trashy in general.