11 Things To Get You Through The "Scandal" Hiatus
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11 Things To Get You Through The "Scandal" Hiatus

We have to wait eight months for a new episode.

11 Things To Get You Through The "Scandal" Hiatus

If you are a "Scandal" fan like me, right about now you are probably thinking about how you are going to get through the show's hiatus. After all, "Scandal" was pushed to a mid-season release to accommodate Kerry Washington's pregnancy (congrats Kerry and Nnamdi)! So, it's going to be 2017 before any new episodes will grace our screens again. Therefore, I think we need some tips on getting through this long period of time without any "Scandal" to occupy our lives.

1. Re-watch "Scandal"

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, you can take a trip down memory lane and journey back to Season 1 of "Scandal" and work your way back to Season 5. Not only will this take up some time, but it will allow you to analyze the show's progression and also see if there were any hidden clues that you missed the first time around.

2. Watch Some Reviews

Something fun to do after you've re-watched some episodes is to go back and find reviews that people have done of the show's episodes and/or seasons. It's interesting to see what critics and fans alike had to say in their breakdowns. May I suggest Becca Morgan's YouTube? She does some amazing reviews, complete with her live reactions from watching the episodes. Watch her review of the Season 5 finale above!

3. Watch Bellamy Young in Lifetime's "The Night Stalker" on June 12th.

What's the next best thing to watching "Scandal?" Watching the show's amazing actors in other films/shows. Lucky for us, Bellamy Young's movie "The Night Stalker" will premier on June 12th on Lifetime. Plus, you can imagine what it would be like if Mellie had bangs. It's fun for everyone.

4. Read "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes

She is the genius that brought us "Scandal," among other things, so her book would probably be the perfect thing for those fans out there.

5. Binge-watch Other Shondaland Shows

There's nothing that passes the time like jumping on a couple different emotional roller-coasters in Shondaland. "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," "How to Get Away With Murder" and "The Catch," are all a part of the Shondaland family, and they are all great television. So, if you like all of "Scandal's" drama and emotion, you'll love any of these shows, and they may take your mind off of how long it will be until you get to see new episodes again.

6. Watch Some "Scandal" Cast Interviews

Nothing fills the void quite like watching all of these beautiful humans interact in a room together. If you're missing them a little too much, this is sure to cheer you up.

7. Get A Job

OK, this one isn't actually "Scandal" related, but it is a real suggestion for those who are finding themselves with a little too much time on their hands. Plus, it will actually distract you so that's a plus.

8. Cry

Honestly, just let it out. We have about eight months to go. Sometimes, tears are necessary.

9. Convert A Friend

So, you've already watched and re-watched "Scandal," but there is nothing that says you can't live vicariously through a friend as they discover the show for the first time. Force a friend to watch it and get them hooked too. That way, when they discover they have to wait for Season 6, you won't be alone.

10. Volunteer For An Actual Political Campaign

While being invest in "Scandal" politics is all well and good, there is nothing stopping you from helping out with an actual political campaign or volunteering at your party's conventions. I know we love watching a show about fake politics, but this is the time to actually participate in the real campaign process! Take advantage!

11. Be Thankful "Scandal" Is Coming Back

While it is longer than the show's usual hiatus, I think it's important to note that we should be extremely thankful that "Scandal" is returning for another season. There were a lot of great shows that faced cancellations this year, and that means that their fans lost out completely. Gladiators didn't have to go through that. Plus, the reason for the extended hiatus is more of a reason to celebrate than to be sad! So, celebrate that we get another season of our favorite show, and work through the hiatus as best you can. Come mid-season, we'll be seeing new episodes of "Scandal" again, and I'm sure they'll be back and better than ever.

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