While I'm going into my third year of Morningside College and working for catering on campus, I reflect on all of the things that I've gained since working there.

It's a workout

When you lift 20 fancy plates at once on the regular, chances are that you're going to gain some muscle strength. Walking several miles worth on the big campus-wide events will build up your stamina. Working in catering is like going to the gym - except you get paid.

You get to know professors/important people

Working in catering means that you are working in the President Reynders 's house - a lot. With Freshman Seminars, going to his house becomes a regular. It'll give you the chance of getting to know him of getting to know him, and his wife, Robin. Seeing professors and staff and even serving them food can be awkward sometimes - especially if they've had a little wine - but they'll more than likely remember you.

You meet and make new friends

At college, generally you make friends with people within your department. Since working at catering, I've made friends of different departments and with people that you haven't had in class. Your world becomes a little bit wider as you meet people from different countries, as well.

Learn about fancy food

One of the best perks of working with food is getting to eat it. With important events comes fancy food, sometimes with appetizers. You will soon know all of the fancy finger foods you have to practice pronouncing before going out to serve. And you'll get to taste test them, too.

Learn how to pack really well

Whether it'd be a cart or a car, you learn how to make the most of the space you have. I honestly believe that I can thank catering for the accomplishment that I got all of my college stuff in only my van. And trust me, I have a lot of stuff.

How to get out stains

When you work with food, you are bound to get it on your shirt. Trying to balance 10 dirty plates at once is a sure sign to get a cocktail sauce stain on your white shirt. Cold water, mud sinks, and stain remover soon becomes your best friend.