Why Things Are About To Change…Until February
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Why Things Are About To Change…Until February

The worst part of the year is about to begin. The reason is not what you think it is!

Why Things Are About To Change…Until February
Julie Glover

This time of year brings a lot of excitement for most people. For me, it is the start of a countdown. For me, the next six weeks (give or take a little time) will be the worst part of it. It will get a little better after that, but will remain pretty bad until February. You might ask, what is making this time of year so bad? I have one word: Football.

For some reason, football doesn’t run through my veins. I know, how can it not when football is a true American sport? The answer is that I don’t know. It might be that it is too slow for my liking. They hike the ball and two seconds later grown men are heaped in a pile, stopping play. It might be because it interferes with hockey season. Either way, as the season kicks off I will start my countdown to hockey season because that means I will have something to dull the misery of football.

Things aren’t too bad yet. But that’s because it is only preseason. The media isn’t constantly covering the wins, losses, injuries, and whatever else they can cover on the local NFL team. As nice as it is, before I know it the media frenzy will take hold. I will have to listen to the not-so-breaking breaking news of which Eagles player is injured.

What is worse than that? Every Sunday the only thing to watch is football. It doesn’t matter what team or what time it is, there will be a football game on. One right after another as if no other shows in the world exist. Just when I think I can get away from it all, Monday night football kicks off 24 hours later. Then when I think I got through it for the week, it hits me that Thursday is just days away and it starts all over again. Everything becomes all football, all the time. Football. Football. FOOTBALL.

Friday night football at the local high schools, I will admit, is one of the fun parts of Fall. But in all honesty I only ever went to hang out with my friends, even now that I have graduated. No matter what, to me football is not exciting, so the thought of the professional season starting just doesn't seem to make me very happy. There is so much hype surrounding the teams talking about the hopes for the season or the lack of hope.

But despite all my negative talk, there is one glimpse of hope when it comes to football season. There is sight of light at the end of the tunnel. Hockey season is drawing near. As football kicks off, I know that the puck drop will follow shortly. The sweet sound of cutting ice and a solid slap shot will ring soon. In just a few weeks, NHL preseason will begin and the remaining months till February won’t hurt quite as much.

Don’t forget, the first puck drop of the NHL preseason is just 44 days away! I know it is exciting!

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