20 Things Your Old Coaches Wish You Knew About Switching Cheer Gyms

20 Things Your Old Coaches Wish You Knew About Switching Cheer Gyms

There can be good in goodbye.

When someone moves from one cheerleading gym to the next, it is a heartbreaking decision for everyone that has been involved in their career as a cheerleader, especially for that athlete. The fact is, this athlete is being pulled from their comfort zone and placed in a new environment, and that is scary for adults, let alone children. Kids become so attached to not only their coaches and the style of coaching, as well as basically growing up with their teammates. They experience so many emotions together in one season alone, becoming a little family in the process, so having to step away from your family to jump into another one can more often than not be unsettling. However, as a coach and former athlete, I know that change is good. I absolutely love my athletes, past and present, I will always care about them and have great hopes for their well being and success. Every gym is not for every person, and athletes and parents have to set aside their goals and put themselves before anything else. So there are many misconceptions about leaving a gym, but I am here to set the record straight. Here are 20 things your old coaches wish you knew about switching cheer gyms.

1. We could never hate you!

2. Everyone that cared about you before still cares about you now.

3. We LOVE running into you at competitions, so no need to hide when you see us.

4. Your cheer family is still here for you.

5. We know and understand that you needed growth.

6. Your success with your new program doesn't make us sad, it makes us really proud of you.

7. We do look at your Instagram videos and smile when you get a new skill.

8. When your mom posts a new photo of your accomplishments on Facebook we are happy for you.

9. We would coach you again in a heartbeat.

10. If you needed anything, even a shoulder to cry on after a tough practice, we still have no problem being there for you.

11. Leaving a gym doesn't mean leaving our lives.

12. Memories have us talking and thinking about you often!

13. We always tell each other how much we miss coaching you.

14. You are so important to us.

15. We hope that you are being pushed to your full potential.

16. We miss your parents just as much as we miss you!

17. If you left the gym on good terms, you will always be welcomed back.

18. Stepping out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons can be a good thing.

19. There is no need to cower from change, it is more often than not, a good thing!

20. Believe in yourself and never stop pushing, know your worth and don't ever quit, because no matter where you are and where you want to be, with hard work and dedication to your sport, you can do amazing things little ones! I love all of my athletes and I cannot wait to see who they become when they reach their full potential.

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When You Are Still In Love With the Game

When basketball is much, much more than a game to you.

It's that time of the year again- basketball season. The middle of the NBA season, college basketball is starting to get into conference play, and high school teams across the country are past the halfway point of the season.

But when you are still in love with the game, the season never ends.

It is going to happen to everyone at some point. Whether it’s in the pros, college, or for most of us your senior year of high school, you will have played your last official game of basketball. And that is a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, feeling for some players.

But when you are still in love with the game, the heart never fully recovers.

Yeah sure, there is always going to be pick-up games and intramurals and all of that, but nothing will satisfy your craving to go back in time and play in your finest moment. All of hoopers have one. That moment you think about every damn time you pick up a basketball and the replay start going through your mind about how you want that moment back…

But when you are still in love with the game, that pain never goes away, you just become numb to the feeling.

You are going to go to all of your universities or colleges home games, just to watch that sweet, fluent poetry that few people understand. The whole arena is going to see the highlight reel dunk,

But when you are still in love with the game, you will be one of the few who noticed the ball fake right before the bounce pass that got the ball to him.

We are all going to have that one coach too, that is going to be way more than a coach to you. To everyone else they just the work he puts in on the court. You see the insane amount of effort and dedication they pour into the team. You go visit coach in their office and see the double-sided whiteboard filled with potential schemes and play. You talk to them about more and more basketball not because it is the only thing you have in common, but because you two have that same undeniable passion and fire for the game.

But when you are still in love with the game, that relationship develops into a lifelong connection and friendship you would not trade for the world.

Going with that coach, there’s going to be a team that lives on in your mind. That team where it wasn’t all about winning, but it was all about having fun. Nothing will ever replace all of the memories you have with them, and the bond you shared will never be broken. In that season, you realized that basketball was much more than a sport.

But when you are still in love with the game, you will never quit the game. No matter the painful memories of losing that heartbreaker or getting hurt, basketball was one of the greatest things that ever happened to you. Anyone that truly loves the game would run it back in a heartbeat.

Cover Image Credit: Dastor News

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To the Coach Who Has Taught Me So Much

Thank you for teaching me so much about sports and life.

To the coach who has taught me so much,

I’m not so sure on which coach I’m talking to in this note but isn’t that the best part? Having so many great coaches that I don’t know who to thank more? Thank you for teaching me and taking the time to teach me the little things. You saw something in me and have now helped shape me into the player I am today. I couldn’t be more thankful for that and honestly couldn’t be more happy or grateful with my years with you. You didn’t just teach me about sports: you taught me about life and how to be a good person.
You taught me how to pass time when we were between games, and you taught me how to be spirited. You taught me how to hit the ball, and you taught me how to win. You taught me how to be quicker and get the ball there faster; you taught me how to get around tags on the bases and how to use my head while running too. You ignited a flame under me when we were down and then celebrated with us when that flame brought us an underdog win. You taught me how to lose and how to gather those losing thoughts and put them behind me and focus on the next game. You taught me how to focus on what was in front of me and not focus on the past.

You weren’t just my coach but you were a role model. You were a friend, and a great one at that. Someone I could talk to when I needed to and someone I could laugh with all the time.

I’m so lucky to have had my time with you and to have learned so much from you. Now, all I can hope is that I can do the same for a young athlete later in life, who is beginning her journey in the softball world.

So, thank you. Thank you for all you have taught me and just know that it is still with me and always will be.

Thank you with all my heart,

The athlete you impacted so greatly

Cover Image Credit: secretan.com

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