If there was one person who I had to choose that made the most influence on my college career I would have to say that it was my therapist I had sophomore year to junior year. I remember the first day I had met him. Obviously, I was in very bad shape when I came to him.

I remember on that day I actually went to the walk-in hours and at the time he was the crisis counselor. This day was a day that was most likely going to be my last had I not received help. A few days before that I had tried to commit suicide by taking huge amounts of over the counter medication and it was not until two days later that I had told a friend of mine about it and they had urged me to seek help.

The day I came into the counselor's office I was planning on killing myself that night. I hated life and I hated myself. At the time I felt like a disappointment to everyone. I was barely doing good in my classes and I felt unwanted by everyone. The only thing I remembered was crying and talking to this therapist. At the time I told myself I was not going to any hospital but somehow someway this therapist convinced me to seek help and that was how our time together began.

During my college career, I had been hospitalized twice. One was because of attempted suicide and the other was because I was going through psychosis. had he not been by my side two of those times I probably would not make it. I remembered my last hospitalization this man did not leave the hospital until two in the morning.

This therapist I had would stay at the hospital with me until late once he was able to talk to the psychiatrist on duty.

Because of him, it had motivated me to do better for myself. He taught me that I can trust people who actually want to help me and because of him I was able to get help during the times I was at my lowest. He saw me at my best and at my worst and I can never ask for a better therapist.

Unfortunately, my favorite therapist left the university during my senior year of college and for some reason, it just made me upset. Who would I talk to now? Who would help me get back up if I fall? I then realized that he did all that he could and now it was my time to do the best I can do for myself.

The last thing he had ever told me was "be kind to yourself." As hard as it is to do I still try to be kind to myself like how I am towards others.

So to my therapist, if you ever come across this article I just want you to know that I greatly appreciate you for all that you had taught me and most importantly I thank you for taking me under your wing.