Theater is Art.

Art is telling stories.

Telling stories is what you do around a campfire.

What you do around a campfire is make smores.

Making smores is happiness.

Happiness is puppies.

Theater is puppies. Remember that.

Theater's significance can be summed up in that proof: That was theater. This is theater. Everything is theater.

A big topic in my classes is whether or not Theater can change the world. The answer is yes, but not directly. It can't solve world hunger, but it can get you thinking about it. It cannot stop war, but it can raise awareness. It can't elect a president, but it can change your mind. Theater is universal. It is a clear way to express an artistic statement that otherwise would not have been shared.

Theater means so much to me because I have statements to make. Whether my message is about love, trust or politics, I can make it at any point in time. If you have an idea that you want to express, join theater. If you desire change, join theater.