“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

The beginning of the year marks a time when we start on a journey that we have not yet encountered, and the best part is that we are the guide of it. We get to decide the fate of our future, and where we plan to go with our lives. This year is about YOU and your happiness and not the past and the pain it brought you.

If you can set your sights on a bright future, and a year full of happiness then nothing can hold you back from achieving just that.

2017 holds many promises for me, and they are promises that cannot be broken because I made them to myself. I'm not relying on anyone to bring me happiness in 2017, but instead i'm embracing myself.

The things I have set my sight on are above and beyond what measures I've gone to before. As I head into the new year I am thankful for the lessons I've learned in the past, but most importantly I will be leaving the past in the past.

For 2017, I am faithfully promising myself these things:

1.You will be the best version of you that is possible, and no one else will influence that

2. If you decide to completely change your style and your views, that is okay, as long as you are happy and a good person then do you.

3. You will believe in yourself the way you have always believed in others!

4. If someone isn't appreciating you and contributing to the relationship as much as you are, then you leave and don't ever look back.

5. Love yourself because in the end, you are all you have

Have a happy new year and remember that you control the way this year goes, if 2016 wasn't what you wanted it to be, then don't be afraid to make 2017 yours.

Carpe Diem