Grey's Anatomy has been a top TV show for ABC for 12 seasons. Shonda Rhimes has never ceased to amaze us. The women in Grey's Anatomy especially make the female viewers strive to be like the characters on the show. Meredith, Cristina, Izzy, Lexie, Arizona, Callie, the list goes on. Each woman has taught us something different that we all need to follow and admire.

Meredith Grey

Meredith teaches us time and time again that it is okay not to be happy all the time. Meredith's life always has some type of problem or crisis that keeps her from staying happy for a long period of time. She's dealt with her back and forth relationship with Derek, her mother passing, Derek getting shot, miscarriage, Cristina leaving, and Derek dying. If we should take advice from anyone about how it's okay to not stay happy all the time, it's Meredith Grey.

Cristina Yang

Cristina teaches us that we shouldn't let a man keep us from reaching our goals. We are just as important, if not more. We should not let what they want cloud what we want. We are the sun, as Cristina says.

Lexie Grey

Lexie teaches us that no matter what happens, we will always love the person we consider to be our soulmate. Lexie never gives up loving Mark Sloan, and she makes us want to love as much as she does.

Callie Torres

Callie teaches us that we sometimes need to stop complaining and move on with our lives. It's okay to sulk for awhile, but enough is enough. Our problems will not get solved complaining, we just need to get out there and live.

Arizona Robins

Arizona teaches us that we should never give up when there is a chance. There may not be a solution to every problem we face, but if there is even the slightest solution, we need to go for it.

Miranda Bailey

Miranda teaches us that moving on from bad experiences is essential to keeping ourselves sane. If we don't move on, we'll go crazy and never fully recover.

Isabel Stevens

Izzy teaches us that even if people do or have done terrible things, it doesn't make that person bad. Everyone makes mistakes, Izzy reminds us that we shouldn't judge someone based on their past decisions.

Amelia Sheppard

Amelia teaches us that we need to stand up for ourselves when someone tries to bring us down. We need to speak up and not let someone treat us like we are smaller than them.

April Kepner

April teaches us that sometimes events that happen in our lives don't make sense. We have to sit back and evaluate that sometimes things don't go our way and they don't make any sense.

The Grey's Anatomy women have taught us so many lessons throughout these 12 seasons. I for one am very grateful for these lessons and reminders from the Grey's women. They prove that women are strong and can handle anything thrown our way.