The Woman's Body Is A Powerhouse
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The Woman's Body Is A Powerhouse

Take care of your bodies; they are our temple.

The Woman's Body Is A Powerhouse

I’d like to pay homage to a phenomenal part of us that is sadly becoming extinct. She represents the concept of life which is the general meaning of strength and creative power. The type of super powers that can re-create another human. She has the power to stretch from her pelvic to the vaginal floor stretched across four walls, and snap back like nothing has ever taken place, except a miraculous conception.

She is the very reason you and I exist on this very day. Well, that and Higher Loveas a human creator. She comes from a long list of ancestors with substance of strength and courage, but still with hopes of us all sharing, keeping the same agenda in mind and that’s to procreate... I’m paying homage to our Re-CreatorThe Womb.”

I’m taking a stand speaking on behalf of her. She’s been trying to let us know that she is becoming distinct... She wants us to know that the same way that you must take care of the outside of your temple, it is vitally important to take care of your inner temple as well. She is such a delicate organ, and is held to even higher standards because of what all she has to consume, our polluted environments, airborne toxins; all those free radicals play a huge part in how we represent our womb. Everything that our bodies consume daily goes on a wild ride and one of their first missions is to seek and to try and destroy the divine womb. They are what I call “universal tyrants” The ones that go around misleading and misinforming us even with knowing that everything that we consume is a direct blood line to our unborn children attached to our womb.

Okay, here is a perfectly good example of what I’m talking about. Hysterectomy, did you know that Hysterectomy, (removal of the woman's uterus), is currently number two leading as the most common surgery performed in the United States. The number one most common is a Cesarean, the C-Section, (cutting of the womb to remove a baby. She sadly goes through a lot. After careful research; these statistics have caused me sadness from the lack of knowledge, and not all woman are being educated about the importance of our womb, how she is becoming more and more distinct at such an all time high. Doctor’s even failing to make mention how important it is to nurture her.

In ancient times, our Ancestors identifies her as the ANKH, the Kemetic womb of mankind and eternal life, a direct connection to the Universe. She feels all of our emotions first and all of our emotions affect her. That’s the very reason we can relate to everything around us. You know when you get that so called “gut feeling” or some folks might call it our deep intuitions. All those feelings everything that we do has a divine connection with our womb.

Our life style plays a huge roll as well. When we suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, multiple partners — yes, I said multiple partners — they tend to leave behind all of their emotional baggage. That’s every emotion that is within each and every previous sex partner, and we as woman, out of unconscious habit and behavior, somehow tend to keep collecting and storing it in our central core system. She has the largest muscle in the human body and that’s one thing men don’t have, so that should give even more reason to believe how important she is too us, now you can call yourself a truly divine Super WomanSo Sista’s, let’s band together to share knowledge of her, uniting and educating one another on not allowing her to become distinct. Let us vow to treat our wombs better with more love and respect. It is the power of your soul, your willpower, your focus, and determination. It is that within you that differentiates you from others. Our ancestors are counting on us.

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