My momma raised me to be kind

This one’s the simplest of them all, and rightfully comes first in the order of things. I can tell you all right now that my lowest days are the ones where I have ruined someone else’s with my words or actions. We all have to live in this world together. We don’t have to like one another, but things would be a whole lot easier if we could all just be kind to each other. It’s easy, honestly. And it feels good, so why not just be nice?

My momma raised me to respect myself and others:

She always told me that if my grandma would be uncomfortable with the way I dress or act, don’t wear it or do it. For one, there’s nothing that bugs me more than gals who feel that wearing close to nothing and/or offering up their bodies like they’re some type of meat is empowering. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress like a nun all of the time, but I also don’t wear a bra and expect people to believe it’s a shirt. My body and my time is mine before it’s anyone else’s. My momma also taught me that respecting ourselves is key in respecting others. The way we respect others’ feelings, space, time, and efforts parallels the way we respect our own.

My momma raised me to be strong:

This one is definitely my most prized lesson. There’s something about a mother’s (tough) love that enables us to be strong human beings. If my mom didn’t teach me how to pick myself up on my worst days, I would still be stuck dwelling on the problems of my past. I’ve learned through her pep-talks, lectures, groundings, and occasional disappointments that strength is the key to being a successful adult and well-rounded human being.

My momma raised me to keep my wits:

Anyone that knows my mom would say they couldn’t spend an hour with her without hearing a joke or a spit of sarcasm. During our toughest hours or our most trying days, a sense of humor can save us from the negativity inside and around us. I’ve learned that making an extra effort to keep my wits about me has enabled me to endure some harsh setbacks and incredibly unpleasant encounters.

My momma raised me to wear my heart on my sleeve:

While many consider this to be a dangerous lesson, I’ve learned that it has enabled me to experience love from every angle. I’ve endured the purest happiness and the most devastating sadness. But putting myself out there has allowed me to be as content as I am today, and I wouldn’t a change a thing.

My momma raised me to see the best in people:

I am not a naive person. I simply believe that there is good in everyone and that not all intentions are bad. I live in a world of my own positivity. Yes, people can take advantage of people like me. But at the end of the day, that is their problem and their loss more than it is mine.

My momma raised me to know what it means to be a good momma:

I could write for days thanking my mom for everything that she has done for me. And I have told her time and time again that I will forever be in debt trying to equalize all of the unconditional love she has given me in order to shape me into the person I am today. But she and I both know that I will never be able to match that gift in absolute equality. I will one day just have to show her, in my own child, that everything she taught me did not go to waste or unnoticed. A good mom teaches her daughter to be the best human being she can be in this world. I try every day to live up to her expectations and make her proud. And I hope that one day my daughter appreciates me just as much as I appreciate my momma.