The Walking Bird Box: Reflections on "Humanity" during the Apocalypse

The Walking Bird Box: Reflections on "Humanity" during the Apocalypse

Philosophical questions on human truth and bloody carnage and breathtaking suspense? A.K.A. Every apocalypse movie ever.


Netflix's hit special Bird Box follows the steps of must-watch originals from the popular streaming service. Reviews, memes, and non-stop discussion and critiques surround the blockbuster's apocalypse survival style.

For those not in the know (warning, spoilers ahead!), Bird Box follows Mallorie, a woman with a jaded past and attitude to match. The world she lives in is turned on its head when people commit suicide. A mysterious entity influences people who see it -- commit suicide.

She finds herself with a group of strangers struggling to survive, including a hot-tempered and insensitive older man, an elderly woman with secret badass instincts, and a gentle, "husband material" type. Besides the threat of the invisible source, the group must also watch out for "followers" of the entity that force non-followers' eyes open so they see the creature and kill themselves. Bird Box, a hold-your-breath suspense story, follows in the steps of almost every apocalypse movie filmed, written, and narrated.

Why shouldn't it be? As Blake Snyder states in his screenwriting guide Save the Cat!, "Give us the same thing...only different." Birdbox follows the same roadmap allocated by hits like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, and Day of the Dead. Protagonist previously isolated from society? Check.

Unknown cause, be it a virus or a creature, attacking humanity and forcing individuals to become nonsensical and violent? Check.

A group of strangers trying to survive while in conflict with one another, with some individuals' compassion ranging the size of a teaspoon? Check, Check, and Check.

Bird Box is the identical story and similar personalities, but just an influential entity instead of hordes of zombies. The same thing...only different.

Apocalypse-based narratives aren't just thriller movies but can reveal multiple truths of our society. In essence, it reveals what happens when the selfish and selfless clash. These narratives indicate what happens when it is "one person for themselves." Groups are against each other and then the group itself may turn on one another. As a society, most tend to strive to be helpful, compassionate, and agreeable human beings.

However, behind the altruism and reciprocity, there is the philosophical question of "How truly selfless are we?" Is what we do for our benefit, whether that pay-off is money, another service, or just feeling pleased with ourselves for helping others? The best aspect of apocalypse-movies is the psychological examination of how far can we go, and would we go, when we're rid of the commodities of comfortable living (I'm sure Siri isn't useful in the apocalypse) and brought back to our barest, most nude version of human nature. It's Lord of the Flies on steroids. According to these mediums, we are capable of violence, inflicting pain, and causing distrust. However, we are also capable of kindness, awareness, and love. Whoever we are during an apocalypse is our self without social teachings on morality and ethics.

I personally hope I never have to find out who that person is...

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17 Signs You're In A Serious Relationship With A History Major

There's few to come by, but history majors are the mysterious ones for colleges in Liberal Arts and Sciences. They're also going to be your favorite person in the world.


The vast amount of majors at college and university include engineering, business, tech, even nursing. For some, like myself, history majors are few.

I chose to be one because I've always had a huge interest in history, so why not try and make a career out of it? You may be thinking, "All they do is study dates and figures, nothing else," but in reality, we're understanding the past, living in the present, and comprehending the future. We're also probably the most considerate of your emotions and feelings, so give us a chance, folks.

Here are 17 reasons why it will be benefitting to you to date a history major.

1. When you ask what the date is and they tell you...before giving us a "this day in history" fact

If you ask what the date is, and it's June 6th, be careful of being warped into a whole D-Day fact from your S.O. It's an important day, but obviously you didn't ask for a history lesson haha!

2. "Come over"; "Can't, writing a paper about the Renaissance"

It's pretty self-explanatory.

3. Seeing the countless biographical books and DVDs in their room

If they have "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, they're a keeper. Wife/husband them immediately.

4. Reading dozens of emails from

5...then reading "this day in history" instead of their texts


6. When you're walking and they spot a historical place (instead of somewhere to eat)

"Oh look, there's a nice bistro over there." "Yeah, hold on, babe, look at that Civil War statue of Stonewall Jackson."

7. When you see them quoting historical people for their Instagram captions

8. Posting historical photos on their Instagram (instead of posting one of you two at a formal)


You try to laugh, but you really don't get this meme about Teddy Roosevelt

10. They have a calendar of either WWII or Vietnam in their room

I have one featuring the Civil War, so just trust me on this one.

11. "Good thing I have papers and not tests," they say as you cram six months of Algebra in your brain for a final


12. "Dropping" them off at class and there's only six other students in the classroom

It's like high school detention in there with that class size!

13. When they're excited to see something at the Smithsonian



14. Watching historical documentaries on Netflix instead of an actual movie

"Babe, Infinity War." "Yeah, that's great, but like check out this documentary on the Battle of Britain."

15. Probably have Dean Martin, Motown, or classical music on their playlist


16. Having one final (but turns out to be a take home paper)

Those lucky bastards.

17. Writing their thesis at the bar on your anniversary...and you're not even mad because you know they love what they study


If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

So there you have it, folks, some signs on your S.O. who is a history major! Happy loving!

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