The Wake Of The Debate Wars
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The Wake Of The Debate Wars

How the constant personal attacks are no longer entertaining, but concerning to viewers watching.

The Wake Of The Debate Wars
The Atlantic

Millions tuned in Sunday night during the second presidential debate hosted by CNN. But as the debate progressed, it suddenly turned into more of a mud-slinging session than an actual productive discussion of any kind. But in this year's election, no one was expecting anything else.

The sad truth of the matter is that the 2016 presidential election is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, and for all the wrong reasons. Taking a complete non-partisan stance, it's obvious to see how both candidates are turning what should be important and critical platforms for campaigning into a reality tv show.

As a teenager watching this day after day, plastered on the news and over social media, it makes having real opinions difficult. The candidates are tearing each other apart, the media is tearing each of them apart, and untouched and neglected are the serious policies and plans of action that need to be taken to fix this country.

When asked about any serious matter during the debate Sunday night, both candidates never once gave a straight answer, instead being dodgy and spinning the question into a way to either put the other candidate down or talk about themselves and their strengths instead.

In my opinion, neither of these candidates are gaining an "upper-hand" by simply bashing on the other. It portrays them as childish and unprofessional, and no matter how much experience they may actually have, it's immediately discredited by their actions.

We are living in a time of great social change. LGBTQ+ movements, the rise of protests over police brutality, the influx of refugees coming into the country; all of which need to be addressed head on with great composure and rational. But based on how these two candidates are handling this campaign, I fear these qualities may be lacking in our next leader.

So to all my other fellow young people around me, I urge you to remember. Remember that debates are not supposed to be entertaining but serious rhetoric, remember that theses terrible ad hominem attacks in no way tell us anything about how these candidates are equipped to handle national emergencies, and remember that these people who you are laughing at today may be running the entire country in a few months. Just remember that.

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