In just one short week, finals begin for my college and for many students across the nation. Tears will be shed, lives will be shattered, and days will be ruined. The library will be crammed with students of all majors who are just trying to pass their Gen Ed's and major requirements. It will be an extremely tough week that takes a lot of skill and preparation to endure. Here's just one list of many that you will find online this semester finale.

1. Get sleep

The only real way to retain information is to make sure you get plenty of sleep. Without it, you won't be able to think or concentrate on the exam. It's important to keep a good sleep schedule during exams to avoid losing energy and motivation.

2. Find a good space

It's important to find a quiet and comfortable place so that you can really concentrate on the materials. The library is a good place to start and most universities have some place like an education center or student center that has private study rooms and hang outs. You don't want to try to go over your notes in a busy or loud room.

3. Eat healthily

Eat some good brain foods and snack in between meals to keep your belly full and your brain focused. This is a very stressful time so it's important to stay healthy and beat the junk food cravings.

4. Take breaks

Nobody can function and remember information simply by cramming for one whole session. It's vital to give your body and mind some rest and take breaks in between subjects.

5. Strategize

Don't go into studying blind. Find a good study plan for yourself so that your notes aren't too scattered for you to focus. It's important to find a good note-taking and re-note taking system so that you retain as much information as possible.

6. Find a good study buddy

For some people, studying alone just doesn't work well. It may help you to find a study buddy to help you with flash cards and review. It also helps to know that you're not alone in the struggle!

7. Start coloring

I'll never forget when my ninth grade English teacher had us color with crayons during exams. She was very young and had expressed how much coloring calmed her down during finals in college. It really did help a lot and I do it sometimes myself.

8. Find outside sources

Sometimes the study materials you have just aren't enough to fully understand a topic. Find some articles online or head to the library to find books about your topic.

9. Have confidence

The only way to do well fully during finals is to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Take your time and try your hardest to ace your exams and have a stress-free winter break.