The Top 3 Free Translation Tools You can Use in Daily Life
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The Top 3 Free Translation Tools You can Use in Daily Life

Free online translation websites are not always precise, but they offer a rapid interpretation of texts, documents, and sentences.

The Top 3 Free Translation Tools You can Use in Daily Life

The accuracy of the translations also varies depending on the language pairings; for example, translations from English to French or Spanish are more accurate than those of Chinese, Korean or Arabic languages.

Do you require a speedy translation into a different language? For quick word or sentence translations into various languages, the following free translators are ideal.

Freetranslations is a UK-based provider of online text translation services that translates documents from English into French, English into Arabic, and English into Spanish.

Additionally, it has a text to speech feature that allows you to enter in your language and hear pronunciations in another language. However, regional accents like Scottish, African, New Zealand, and Australian are not supported by this service.

Voice Translator is another tool that enables you to translete and speak texts as well as save the audio of those sentences in MP3 format.

For the professional needs, they also offer translation services by natives at quite reasonable rates.


Spanish, Persian, Indonesian, Turkish, and French are just a few of the more than 50 languages you may translate for free with It also offers a word counter on the page for the texts you type to translate, perfectly useful for those who need to learn word count of the texts.

To translate pronunciations in your favorite language, you can utilize the voice translator tool, that helps to translate texts firstly and then speak them, with a single click. What is more, you can save audios for free.

Professional translation in any languages may also be requested by completing a form if free translation is not a good option for you.

SpanishEnglish looks like a web site offering services in the languages between Spanish and English, but it is not only them. It offers more than 50 languages for free translation from English to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Arabic and so on.

Even better, you can choose the auto-detect option to let the computer figure out the language on its own. Simply type the words or sentences you want to translate into the box given and press the "Translate" button. After a little delay, the textual translation will appear. By selecting the sound icon on the right, you may also hear the translation.

It also offers text to speech services that helps to you to convert texts to voices and download audios. Specially usefull if you learn a new language or have a problem at reading articles.

Should you need professional translation, they just offer that in Spanish to English to Spanish.

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