When most people talk about being 'on the fence,' they usually refer to a state of indecisiveness. However, when I use the phrase "on the fence", I mean it in the most literal way possible.

It was just another spring day of sophomore year, and my friends and I were at track practice. However, after some extensive running, we realized that no one else was at practice, including the coach. An idea struck us; we could do whatever we wanted now. And so we did. We ventured behind the track, eventually coming across a large fence separating the concrete path from a dense forest.

"Let's climb the fence," my friend Jane offered enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes at the stupidity of the comment. But unfortunately, everyone else was in agreement and left me behind to contemplate my life decisions. "Come on Aditi!," my friends hollered as I kicked around a rock nervously. "Noooo, I'll just stay and hold everyone's bags," I replied. My friends gave me one last glare as they jumped the fence, vanishing in a blink of an eye.

Hours passed as I worriedly waited for them to come back, but they were long gone. As I reached for my phone to call them, a peculiar-looking bird started yanking at my shoelace, taunting me. That was the final straw. I dropped everything and leaped onto the fence, trying to shoo the bird away. Instead, I got stuck on the fence. "HELP," I shrieked, shaking at the sight of how high off the ground I was.

Almost immediately, I heard the sound of shuffling feet as a bright light fell upon my face; It was an answer to my call. "SURPRISE DUDE WE'RE BACK," my friend yelled as her booming voice scared off the crazy bird. "Get me off this fence," I screamed while everyone chanted jump. I finally decided to close my eyes and climb down the fence to safety. "Good job dude, but you realize there's a gate you could've walked through instead," was the last thing I heard before a flock of birds chased us away.