The Ten Phases Of A White Sox Fan Falling In Love With Kris Bryant

I love the White Sox. I love baseball. I love sports. I love Chicago. I love guys with blue eyes (Zac Efron, if you're reading this please call me). I love athletes, it's a weakness. So when I first saw a picture of the incredibly sexy Kris Bryant, my first thought was, "why didn't the White Sox get him? He's WAY hotter than Chris Sale!" I was conflicted, to say the least.

To my fellow White Sox girls, I get what you are going through. We can get through this together if we just follow the ten stages of falling in love with Kris Bryant properly.

1. At first, you can't help but admire his beauty.

2. Then you start crying because you realize he's not on the Sox.

3. A part of you starts to hope one day he might be traded to the Sox.

4. But then you realize that will never happen because life is unfair.

5. You consider going full on Benedict Arnold for a quick minute, and your friends use your moment of vulnerability to try to manipulate you.

6. Because he's just so hot.

7. And then you remember he has a gorgeous fiance because again, life is unfair.

8. And you remember you're a Sox fan for life, but it's okay to root for the Cubs right now because you're just a douche if you're not.

9. So you decide the only solution is to do exactly what you did when you fell in love with Derek Jeter when you were younger.

10. Because, face it, if you don't your facing full on Juliet Capulet territory and you don't want to end up dead.

I will love you forever from afar Kris.

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