The Ten Commandments
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The Ten Commandments

Learn about the 10 Commandments.

The Ten Commandments

For the Christian The Ten Commandments are not a way to go to heaven. They're not even at the core for our belief. In fact, Jesus is both the way to heaven as well as the foundation for our belief. However Jesus is the only way to go. Ten Commandments are understood to be extremely important to the Christian. Why is that?

A Christian is similar to getting married. When vows are exchanged and promises are made. There is a structure to the marriage life. There are some guidelines that are vital for a successful marriage. So, when I was married to my spouse, I made a promise to give up all other things I also promised to remain faithful to her, and I promised to keep this promise until we died.

But, the main thing to marriage is the spouse. The laws allow for the marriage however they cannot substitute for it. Also, being a Christian is about an intimate relationship that God is the God of all, a connection that is formed when one believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

When this happens, it is the beginning of a new chapter, and it takes on an exact shape. The shape is in part similar to a lifestyle that is shaped by the obedience of The Ten Commandments.

Naturally, the way of life that has been formed through Jesus Christ is also marked by repentance, love faith, and so on. These qualities are different from obedience to The Ten Commandments. The fact, however is that a lifestyle that isn't shaped this kind of obedience is not one in which faith and hope flourish. If you violate these Ten Commandments is thus to lead a life that is not centered around Jesus Christ. They Ten Commandments, then, are like reflectors along a highway. They warn us about danger. They warn us when our relationship with God is moving to the wrong place. They warn us when our relationship with God is headed towards danger.

The Ten Commandments touch on two relationship. They provide us with information about how we relate to God as well as with our fellow human beings. This is suitable to the Christian. Jesus Christ died to heal our relationship broken with God as well as our fractured relationship to our neighbour. Based on what we've said before The Ten Commandments do not tell us how to love God or how to love our neighbors. They do warn us that we may be taking a wrong turn of loving.

I AM LORD Your God

The real God is now with us, and has revealed Hisself to us. It is He who was The God in the Bible The God who named Abraham the God who sent Moses to Moses, God of the Bible, God Who gave Law to Israel and sent the prophets, and promised the Messiah. He is the God who is here to us and declared Himself to us and has given our salvation by means of His sole Son Jesus Christ.

I Am a God of JEALOUSY

Naturally, He is an envious God. This would not be a horrible thing if He weren't. His love for us gives our lives an identity, meaning, and hope. And He guards His bond with us because He is a lover of us.

Outside of Him is nothing but darkness, empty space death. We thank God for a ferocious God. If He did not then we would be lost forever. If He was tolerant of idolatry and vice then it is better not to be born.

You will not have OTHER gods before me.

The One who revealed Himself through Jesus Christ, He is God. There is no god other than God.

We do not have to be a worshipper of any other gods no matter what they are called, Buddha, Allah, Hari Krishna or The Sun, Sophia, etc. They are all idols. The worship of idols can only keep a person away from the real God who is so devoted to us God sent His sole Son to save us.

We are not to worship false gods, which are subtly painted in Christian language, yet built on pagan beliefs. We should not be a slave to those false gods like Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Christian Science, Unitarianism or any other similar ilk.

In addition, since we are a part of God, the only true God we are required to follow the true religion and avoid any fumbling around with "supernatural things" that are not permitted by God. Particularly, we must remove anything that is connected to the occult or magic, such as seances, fortune-telling , and similar things.

You are not allowed to make any unauthorized image.

The second commandment is identical to the one before. It prohibits us from worshipping the creation in lieu of God the Creator. It is often in the form of worshiping nature and is often accompanied by the creation burial images.

The force of the command may be felt even if we don't believe in the sun or moon, or all four wind gods. The worship to the creator, or even a portion of the creation is possible in more subtle ways. This kind of idolatry happens when the centre of our heart is taken by anything that is not God Himself. The center of our hearts may be claimed by things that, by themselves, are beneficial and, in fact, God's gifts. God. So a spouse or child or a nation, neighborhood, even an idea can be a source of idolatry. The idols associated with sexual sex, alcohol, or drugs are often viewed as unsuitable due to the speed at which they destroy your life. But other idols are, in the end just as destructive, as they remove the worshipper from the creator of all life from God Himself.


We must be devoted to God through our voices and also with our hands.

Therefore, we don't make fun of him by calling him names. Therefore, we don't lie about who He really is. Therefore, we don't invoke Him to cause harm to one another.

We instead make sure to honour Him in everything we do.

Remember the SABBATH day to remember it and keep it Holy.

God has granted us an assurance that our wellbeing is in His hand. We do not have to work continuously. Also, we aren't allowed to think that our happiness is solely due to our own efforts.

The commandment is to work, and it's the truth. However, as a gesture of mercy, we've been granted a rest day. It is a day to taking a break from our daily tasks. It's also a day that we are required to relax in God. It is also marked by the worship of the Church.

The Church has embraced Sunday as a day of rest. has been a day of relaxation. This, of course due to the fact that Jesus rose from death on the first day of the week.

Honor your parents and grandparents.

This is the first commandment, which talks about our neighbors. The neighbors we have are specialthat first touched us. We must begin to feel love for someone. If we don't start with the people around us, we've really not begun.

Our parents were given to our children by God. They are assigned a particular task to accomplish: they must raise children to understand God, be fearful and love God. We should not create obstacles for them. We must honor the Lord in this. When we are children, we are expected to follow them (unless you are a Christian and they tell us to obey God). If we do not obey their authority due to the age of our bodies, we continue to honour them through praying to them and loving them, and perhaps giving them a hug.

If our parents fail completely in the obligation God has given them, or are unfaithful and ungodly and ungodly, we should revere them by giving them forgiveness.

As we grow into parents and look back on the responsibility parents are given and their children, we realize that our children belong to God. We must be loving, teach them, and then release them to God.

You must not kill

The law that prohibits the killing of innocents is logical for many reasons. These include the following: a) God created my neighbor in addition,) Jesus Christ died for my neighbor. Therefore, my neighbor belongs to God and God orders that I love my neighbors the way I am a lover of myself.

However, the motivation behind murder is found in the oldest of heresies. The heresy which states, "I am god," and the inverse that declares, "I am your god and I have the right to kill you in any way I choose."

Everyone is part of God. Therefore, I am not allowed to commit murder. I am a part of God. I am not able to kill myself. The elderly are a part of God. I can't let them go because they're no more "useful." The people who are terminally sick are the property of God. I could be there for them, comfort those who are suffering, or ease their suffering. I might not be able to take their life. The unborn child is the property of God. I am not able to let him go. My close neighbor is part of God. The neighbor that is not close is a part of God. I am to be loving that neighbor in the name of, and in accordance with the instructions of God.


God created man and women. God created human sexuality. It is an act of God. As the person who gave the gift, and as God is the God of the universe, God has a right to set limits on the act of sexual intimacy. It only applies within the context of the marriage of a man with an individual woman. In other contexts it is a an offense. In this case it's a great present to which we ought to be grateful.

A man's marriage with women should be a reflection of the relation to Jesus and his Church. Adultery is a mockery of this intention to reflect. Additionally, adultery is the result of ingratitude and the breaking of promises.

The marriage however requires a person because of its nature, to treat their spouse as an entire human being. The sexual act in an even greater context as we are able to understand and become dependent on the total humanness that our partner. In other words sexual activities deny the humanness of the other person, deprives the other's role as being a person who is a child of God and uses the other solely as a dead instrument for pleasure. Sexual activity of this kind is a sinister act.

You must not steal

If I commit theft, my neighbour ceases to be me, a fully human being. Since when I commit a crime I do not realize that he is a part of God and must be treated as such.

Because my neighbor is part of God I'm not able to steal from Him the things God has granted him. If I take something from my neighbour, he is to me nothing more than a tree that produces fruit that I can make use of as I like. If I am a thief I hate both God and my fellow neighbor.


To be a part of Jesus Jesus, the Word of God will make you a man of truth. If you lie, it will cause shame to Jesus' name. Jesus. If I lie to my neighbor and cause harm for him is to make him hate me and consequently be a snob to God who is his love and has told me to be a loving and faithful servant to him.

The Apostle Paul states to not just that lying is against the law however, it is also a sin to gossip maliciously also. We must be kind to our neighbors in everything we do. But gossip, however delicious but that harms my neighbor for no reason shows a heart that has lost sight of God. The faith in God is the basis of wisdom.


If I truly love my neighbor I will be grateful to see his luck turn around. I will not squander my delight in his great fortune, or be jealous of what he owns. I will not want to be jealous of his spouse (or the husband of her) or his work or his wealth, nor his fame.

As a substitute, I'll cherish him, be grateful for his luck and avoid lusting after him.

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