The Struggles Of A Pre-Med Student As Told By Harry Potter
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The Struggles Of A Pre-Med Student As Told By Harry Potter

Because trying to become a doctor is just as daunting as facing Lord Voldemort himself.

The Struggles Of A Pre-Med Student As Told By Harry Potter

For those of you who aren't pre-med, consider yourselves lucky. There are a few things in this world that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, and being pre-med is one of them. It is not an easy journey. Yes, we brought this upon ourselves because we wanted to help people, but at what cost? Luckily for us, our favorite Harry Potter characters have had similar experiences to which all pre-med students can relate.

1. You have no idea where all of your time goes.

You could plan out your day to the minute, and yet nothing will go as planned. No matter what you tell yourself, you never learn your lesson and find yourself up at four in the morning studying. It's rather unfortunate that all of those time turners were smashed, because all of the pre-med students could probably use one.

2. You are always stressed. Always.

It would be fine if you just had to maintain a 4.0 GPA the entire time. However, you're also expected to get a decent score on the MCAT, do research, volunteer, gain clinical experience, do internships, be engaged in campus activities, and maintain leadership positions in clubs all while making those good grades. Are doctors even human?

3. You feel guilty if you go out when you know you could be doing something more productive.

There's always that nagging feeling that accompanies you when you go out. Sure, you're having fun with your friends at this party, but what about your upcoming anatomy test that you haven't studied for yet?

4. Your friends approach you with their medical issues and ask you for your advice.

Yes, I want to help you. Truly, I do. But you have to understand that I'm not even in medical school yet. So please go see an actual doctor, because I'm not actually qualified to diagnose you.

5. School always comes first.

Friends? Family? Significant others? Yes, they're important in your life. But you can't succeed without making a few sacrifices first, so you cancel your plans to go study. They'll understand. Hopefully.

6. Whatever you do, you do it for medical school.

Sure, you can easily be lazy and not do anything (and you want to do this more than anything). But you know deep down that that won't cut it, so you sadly get up and go work on that incomplete application so you can show medical schools that you have what it takes. School prefect is always a good addition to your application.

7. Your GPA is everything.

The phrase "Cs get degrees" gives you anxiety. Without the GPA, medical schools won't even consider you, so it's understandable that you worry so much about grades. Where's Dumbledore to cancel finals when you need him?

8. You have (not so) occasional mental breakdowns.

Given your stress levels, this is only expected. Even the smallest triggers can cause a mental breakdown, so be wary. No matter how difficult it gets, you have to keep it together, because there's no time for that nonsense.

9. There is always something else to do.

No wonder we have so many mental breakdowns. Yes, you just took two tests in one day and got As on both of them because you were up studying all night. But now you have to go work at the hospital without sleep, not to mention all that homework that you neglected because you were so worried about your exams.

10. Sleep is a foreign concept to you.

With all the things you have to get done, where is there time for sleep?

11. You're always wondering what you're doing with your life.

Personally, I ask myself what I'm doing with my life at least once a day. Why do I want to become a doctor? Is it really worth it? I could easily drop out of this and not become a doctor. Just thinking about all of this right now makes me want to cry. But I've come too far to quit now, so I just continue to do what I'm doing.

12. You dream about structures from organic chemistry.

Or anything science related, really. It can't be helped. You're right, Dumbledore. Our world consists of nothing but science, and so we dream of it.

13. When you hear people from other majors complaining about the work they have to do, you resist the urge to throw something at them.

Yes, college is hard for everyone, but you find it hard to sympathize with anyone when you have to take classes like biochemistry or molecular biology. But you know better than to fight anybody because you know you brought this upon yourself.

14. Even thinking about the MCAT makes you want to curl up and cry.

Right. It's the hardest test a doctor will ever have to take. Don't panic; there's no pressure. You're fine. It's fine. Everything is fine.

15. But in the end, no matter how much you have to sacrifice, you know it will be worth it if you can become a doctor and save people's lives.

So don't despair and keep on working hard, because you will succeed and everything will be OK.

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