The Struggles Of Being Sick At College

The Struggles Of Being Sick At College

We all need an endless supply of soup and our mothers to take care of us

Being sick in general is never a good time, but being sick at college is definitely the worst. You're on your own and all you want is to be taken care of while living inside too many blankets, but that is never the case. There are responsibilities you still need to fulfill even though you feel terrible and this is always the main struggle.

There's normally the question of whether or not you're too sick to go to class and let's not forget the millions of trips to health services each day. The dining hall also never has the soup you want on the day you need it and the numerous trips to CVS for an endless supply of medicine, cough drops, tissues, etc. exhausts you enough to make you want to sleep for the rest of the week; which, even if you tried, it's a challenge to sleep for more than a few hours a time while being sick. It is without a doubt an immense difficulty to be sick while at college and we all go through these known struggles.

You feel absolutely terrible and don't even know how to approach the day, so normally you stay in bed.

Everyone can tell you're sick and aren't afraid to tell you, which only makes you feel worse.

You self diagnose yourself approximately ten different times and begin to accept whatever google tells you.

You just want to be taken care of, loved and waited on until you're better.

You cry at least four times a day because you're still not a responsible adult and just want your mom take care of you.

All of your friends avoid you, but you still want to hangout with them so you pretend like you're fine.

But they know you're still sick and won't touch or go near you, so at least you're your own best friend.

You try to accept your fate and roll with the sickness as best as you can.

It's a surprise when you get a good night's sleep.

Your random chills make you uncomfortable and even more unpleasant 24/7.

The phone calls to your mom get out of hand, but you still continue to call to complain and ask what to do.

It's that time of year when every college student is catching either a cold or some virus that loves to spread as quickly as possible. And living on a college campus only makes the sickness go around even faster. We all feel miserable while we're sitting sick in our dorm rooms and can't wait for it to pass; all of us go through these daily struggles.

Don't be afraid to give your mom those annoying phone calls every hour. Surround yourself with tissues, cough drops, medicine and whatever else you need! Treat your sickness correctly and remember sleep is your new best friend.

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