We all have dreams. We all have those incredible things we would love to accomplish, or those beautiful destinations we would love to travel to. We all have an ideal life planned in our heads and the burning desire to get there.

However, there's somewhere along the line between our dreams and our reality where a disconnect occurs. There's somewhere along the line that we begin to believe that maybe our dreams are just that, dreams, and that they may never be achievable in our lifetime.

This disconnect happens to be our very downfall and in fact, our biggest enemy. The notion that our dreams are not achievable, by any means, is a bunch of bull. Not to mention, whoever or whatever planted that detrimental seed into our magnificent little minds was a complete and utter asshole.

We were given one life and one life only. We weren't given this life to simply settle for less than the best, or to be okay with "average." We weren't given this life to sit back and let opportunities pass us by just because that seed grew into something larger, something that consumes our being and paralyzes our ability to propel forward as the human we wish to become.

So you want to be a singer? What's stopping you from going to that audition you saw in the paper?

You want to be a photographer? Why aren't you out working on your art every day and seeking out potential customers?

You want to travel the world? What are you waiting for?

If money popped into your head for any of this, you can blame that seedling growing into a tree in your mind for that one. Money can not, should not, and will not be the determining factor of whether or not we truly pursue our wildest dreams. Yes, money is important and yes, it is a necessity.

That being said, you do not live your life to have money. You live this life to find freedom, to find happiness, to find what sets your soul afire with love and passion and all the beautiful things in this world. You live this life for you, and if what you want is to be a singer, to be a photographer, or to travel the world, then you should do it. The only thing preventing you from turning your dreams into reality is in fact, you.

We are constantly dancing along the fine line between dreams and reality, scared to take the forward plunge to the other, more exhilarating side.

This is the reality behind our dreams.

We have the utmost ability to do whatever our little hearts and minds desire, that is not the question. The question is whether or not you are willing to take the risk, jump before the plunge, accept possible failure and understand the importance of your pursuit. It is not until we do these things that we will accomplish our dreams and live the lives we love to live.