The Real Reason People Criticize Cam Newton
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The Real Reason People Criticize Cam Newton

It's not just about race.

The Real Reason People Criticize Cam Newton

Cam Newton recently said people don't like him because he's a successful African-American Quarterback and that might "scare a lot of people". Warren Moon, former quarterback for the Houston Oilers, doesn't understand the hate either, "You’d think he raped like five pastors’ daughters over the last five years and he’s getting away with it the way people are talking about him". First off Warren Moon makes it seem like the entire country hates Cam Newton, when in reality it seems to be the opposite.

Everyone is ooing and ahhing over his style of play and are copying his signature "dab" celebration, so it seems like more people worship the guy. Next, I'm not racism is not a problem in this country, but Cam Newton saying that's why people don't like him is outlandish. You make millions of dollars so naturally people are going to be jealous of you, but also you play for a successful team, so people are going to say things when you beat up on their favorite team. I've disliked Cam Newton even before the Panthers were good (last year they were 7-9, not very good). I don't see myself as racist, and am not entirely jealous of Cam, I have many other reasons not to like him and here they are.

Cam Newton won the MVP award for the 2015-2016 NFL regular season, so by these standards he is a very good Quarterback. Very good Quarterbacks score a lot of touchdowns. I'm okay with touchdown celebrations and I did my fair share of celebrating during intramural flag football in middle school, but not to the extent Cam does. He's told reporters if defenses don't like him celebrating touchdowns then stop him from scoring. However, every touchdown does not require a 30-second choreographed dance.

Barry Sanders was a running back known for his class, and when he scored a touchdown he would hand the ball back to the ref because as he said, "I'll be back again". Sanders realized his talent and knew it was unnecessary to celebrate touchdowns because that's his job. Other people justify Cam's actions by applauding him for giving the ball to a Panthers fan in the front row. Good for you Cam, but why wait until you finish shaking your tail feathers? It seems like Cam is all about him and then he thinks of the fans. Just give the kid the ball and go to the sideline. If I did my job like Cam I would dance after I put a topping on a sandwich, take a bite, then wrap it up and give it to the customer.

Next, Cam likes to celebrate wins by running around the field basking in the applause from his fans. Great you earned it congrats on the win. However, twice this year Cam has taken flags and banners from opposing fans and thrown them on the field. Football is a game of emotions, but why disrespect the fans when their team already lost. Seems like a middle school bully thing to do, pick on the kid that's already down in order to get a rise out of the crowd. Again I'll compare it to my job, this is the equivalent of me driving around vandalizing other fast food stores when I'm leaving work.

Now to address the race issue, yes Cam Newton is a successful African-American Quarterback, but I do not believe that it is the source of the hate. There have been many successful African-American Quarterbacks including Warren Moon, Donavon McNabb, Steve McNair, and even Russell Wilson. I'm hard pressed to find people that don't like Russell Wilson, he is an overall good guy, a great player, and a great role model. If people don't like Russell Wilson, it's due to the Seahawks persona as a whole, and their success. So I'm hard pressed to declare race the issue when it comes to Cam Newton.

Next time Cam questions why he has so many critics he should just pull up film from Superbowl 50. Let's quickly review Cam Newtons night: 18 for 41 passing, 265 passing yards, 45 yards rushing, 2 fumbles, 1 interception, 2 temper tantrums. Not a great look on the grandest stage of them all, and the low point of the game was Cam backing away from a fumble when a ball was stripped out of his hands. Cam Newton had given up on his team with 5 minutes left in the game when his team was down 7. After Brady threw an interception in Superbowl 49 the Patriots fell down 10. Brady did not pout or quit, he led his team to victory. Cam Newton is a great quarterback, but when the lights were at their brightest he showed his true colors.

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