High School Musical In Real Life

19 Ways My High School Experience At Art School Was Exactly Like 'High School Musical'

All the pros and cons of art school were perfectly captured by the Disney movie.


Dancing on the tables during lunch, fighting for the spotlight role, and making every possible situation far more dramatic than necessary was essential to daily life going to an arts high school. As if being a teenager in 2008 could be any harder, add in the absurdly theatric stomping grounds of artsy kids duking it out for the lead spot...

Here are 19 things that made my high school experience feel like it was right out of "High School Musical".

1. When the school declared it a concert day in the cafeteria


No kidding, we would all jump on the tables to sing and dance.

2. When you and your bestie got to dance a duo in the Spring production


It rarely happened, but when it did, the real dance moves came out.

3. How we all waved good-bye to the disliked vice principal


And continued to give our best sparkle finger impressions down the hallway once he left.

4. The reaction when you got to pick your teammate for the annual flag football


It was always this dramatic and we even homemade the team uniforms with lots of tie dye.

5. When you had to hide from the theatre teacher because you'd yet to practice your lines


You had three paragraphs to memorize and the show was only a month away.

6. The dance every teenage girl did when their crush reciprocated feelings


Usually in a public place, like the courtyard that featured rainbow painted poles...

7. How the lead actors would compete for the spotlight on opening night


But also every other night of rehearsal.

8. How you let it go when your rival tried to challenge you to a dance off


That's right, dance. off. You'd be practicing all weekend for the Monday night showdown at the Fall Ball.

9. How duets were sung between obvious crushes during the Winter school musical


Everyone could feel the magic.

10. How you reacted when your dad asked why you didn't want to 'just be a cheerleader'


CLEARLY I was made for being a misunderstood, artsy teen instead of a misunderstood, athletic teen.

11. When the art major got a math question right


Or a dance or band major. Or just anyone in general who struggles with mathematics.

12. How I voted for what Disney movie to watch after finals were over


Hint: Lion King had my vote every time.

13. The popular girl's reaction when she didn't get the lead


Typically complete with a parent marching down to demand a reconsideration in casting.

14. How you cozied up to your crush at the school dance


Only our dance was full of artsy hipsters wearing vintage or home-sewn dresses.

15. The triumphant victory of getting to paint a tile your senior year with a friend


Not everyone chose to work with a partner, but those who did understood the bond of collaborating on a ceiling tile to paint.

16. The glow-up reveal of dance majors at senior prom


Because they seriously stole the floor at every school dance.

17. The dressing room noises before every show


We were all an anxious bundle of nerves before going on stage. But making absurd sounds always helped calm the tension.

18. How you felt when you actually impressed the AP Art teacher


Despite your initial thoughts of being the least-liked in the class due to excessive talking...

19. The jig you did when you got a solo role in the musical


Even if it was only a one-liner...

Every day was full of a new surprise and I'm so happy I got to be one of those quirky kids in a community of equally embarrassing artsy teens. And yes, we did have a reputation for belting out into song at any given moment. Art school was quite the interesting place to be as a teenager, but I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.

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