The Need For Women To Give Their Love To Each Other
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The Need For Women To Give Their Love To Each Other

It is actually OK to like each other.

The Need For Women To Give Their Love To Each Other

I’m sitting in the Starbucks on my campus doing what most girls do: secretly people watching and silently profiling everyone in my head (I mean, ladies we all do it). The girl to the left of me is wearing the infamous scarf around her head that shows her religion and purity to everyone that looks at her and all I’m thinking about in my head is how nice her damn scarf would be around my head in this cold weather. The girl to the right of me took the last comfy chair so now I hate her… she also decided to cake on her red lipstick and wear her (probably tallest) heals that in no way are practical to wear on a college campus, especially when there is ice on the ground… so I hate her more. I don’t even know this girl but for some reason the nasty lipstick print she is leaving on her cup after ever swig is giving me every reason to not like her. Then there is the girl sitting on the other side of the cafe just staring out the window and my thoughts are everywhere at this point:

“Is she going into a deep depression because of the test she just took?”

“Is she plotting a bomb threat against my school?”

“Should I leave?”

“Her Michael Kors purse is pretty great though…”

“But seriously, is she terminally ill?”

“Ugh, I’m leaving.”

“OK no I’m not, it’s cold outside.”

Then a car pulls up, she stands up, pushes in her chair, throws her trash away, walks out the door and gets in her car.

All of those thoughts of disgust and hatred when someone was simply just waiting for their ride and most likely pissed it was taking them so long because there was this girl in Starbucks staring at her.

Why do we, as females feel the need to conform to thinking like this. Why do girls do this to themselves? Is it because we have vaginas and are just programmed like that? Is it because every single one of us is insecure?

We as women need to learn to respect and love every. single. one. of our flaws. WE ALL need to look in the mirror and make a change (sorry for the Michael reference) about the way we see ourselves. Ourself is beauty. God, if you believe in that sort of thing, makes no mistakes. The ‘flaws’ that we see everyday are nothing but what society is telling us are imperfections.

But let me in on a little secret, once we are able to look at ourself and see the beauty behind the 50 shades of concealer we put on, we can start to look at other woman and see their beauty. Hopefully, if you are not able to get to that particular spot - you can see another woman who was able to get there and be inspired by her beauty and confidence. Ladies, you’re the best friend you’re ever going to have, so you need to love yourself and support yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Be true to yourself.

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