The MUSS is a MUST: Here's Why
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The MUSS is a MUST: Here's Why

They call us the Mighty Utah Student Section for a reason.

The MUSS is a MUST: Here's Why

We are The MUSS; The Mighty Utah Student Section. Often listed in ESPN's national rank of Top Five Student Sections, we are worthy of our name. Yet, without an understanding of The MUSS, sports fanatics campus-wide are disappointed to find that tickets sell out far too soon. If only they had known that to miss out on The MUSS was to miss out on everything. The MUSS is a MUST, and here's why:

1. Our student section is larger than entire school populations.

The University of Utah is anything but a small school. Usually averaging in near 35,000 students, campus stretches over 1,535 acres and Gate L of Rice-Eccles Stadium is home to The MUSS. You could say we have strength in numbers, but that's not evident until you see our scoreboard, which reveals the number of spectators at every game. In the season opener, Rice-Eccles was filled to the brim with over 45,000 attendees and a MUSS capacity of 6,000. That's larger than many undergraduate populations, and the first of many reasons we have a reputation for being mighty. When you stand in The Mighty Utah Student Section, you stand with 5,999 others who are mighty in heart, spirit, and have genuine love for football.

2. We bring the spirit wherever and whenever.

Here at the University of Utah, we don't just have The MUSS, we have The MUSS Buss too; an exclusive opportunity to watch an away game for a discounted price. If they choose to do so, students of the 2016 MUSS will bring their spirit to UCLA, and how many others can look forward to that? Very few, that's who.

3. We divide the state.

Oh, The Holy War; the legendary battle between the Utah Utes and BYU Cougars. If you're new to the university, it's likely that you have yet to witness the hatred they share for another, but just you wait. The intensity of the Holy War is unlike any you've ever seen. The Holy War is taking place this Saturday at Rice-Eccles Stadium. What many don't realize however, is that this dispute is represented daily, by our license plates, car decals and the colors we wear. No matter where we go, the allegiance of each Utahn is made clear. Be one of those Utahns. Be on The MUSS. What better way than to show your true colors?

4. You're cutting a sweet deal.

Fifty dollars. That is the cost of a MUSS membership, and with that membership, you receive a ticket to each home game, invitation to a single away game, exclusive tailgating pass and MUSS shirt for the given year. This deal could not possibly get any sweeter, given that tickets are far less affordable otherwise. Let's put it this way: to purchase three individual tickets would exceed the cost of the entire MUSS package, and it's for this reason that there's no time to lose.

5. There's no time to lose

Believe me, you'll know it when you see it. On the day that MUSS registration opens for the upcoming year, students campus-wide will stare deeply into their computer screens. Fingers lifted, they will anticipate clicking "purchase" on the very moment the clocks strikes 12:00 pm. Seconds later, hundreds, perhaps thousands of seats will fill. Though immediate registration is not necessary, waiting longer will place you in Standing Room Only, and those too will soon sell out.

Trust me when I say, DO. NOT. WAIT. You will regret it.

The MUSS is a must, and always will be.

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