Millions of Americans practice forms and techniques of yoga and believe that it is absolutely essential to perform on a regular basis for their health. Yoga helps with breathing and through meditation one can improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall daily energy levels. Despite that 20 million U.S. adults are already involved with yoga and ascetic body disciplines, I believe it is a great habit for more adults to get into. It will improve both physical and mental health, as well as have other added beneficial outcomes.

According to the Yoga Health Foundation, yoga is a wonderful source of both stress and pain relief. Because yoga encourages relaxation, the body works to lower levels of stress hormones which can also lower blood pressure, heart rate, and help food digestion, which is also a factor of weight management. On the other hand, pain can be relieved from yoga poses and practices; those who have certain conditions including hypertension and cancer can utilize yoga to reduce pain.

Evidently, yoga is renowned for improving flexibility and mobility of the body. After moving muscles during yoga poses, eventually, yogis bodies are much more moveable and therefore can trigger more difficult poses. With that being said, this can help support better posture and alleviate muscle problems in the back and neck.

Because yoga focuses so heavily on muscle relaxation and flexibility, blood cells move around and circulate the body in a healthier manner.

I have been practicing yoga techniques for years and can say that my health has changed for the better noticeably. There are absolutely no cons to yoga, and therefore it is super important for those who don’t currently practice yoga therapy to get involved and start.