The Masked Singers, Ranked From 'Serial Killer' To 'Care Bear'
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The Masked Singers, Ranked From 'Serial Killer' To 'Care Bear'

Creepy? Or cute? Maybe both? Cannot decide.

The Masked Singers, Ranked From 'Serial Killer' To 'Care Bear'

"The Masked Singer" is the latest singing competition show to hit the United States. At first, I thought it was a bit odd (well, to be honest, I still do). However, while listening to unidentified voices, all I can focus on are the costumes that they are in. Meant to resemble various animals, these costumes range from stuffed animal cute to secret killer of the night.

1. 'The Deer' is a serial killer prowling in the woods.


The deer is something straight out of a horror movie. Like, think about camping in a cabin in the woods when *this* appears in the window.

2. 'The Raven' is basically the Grim Reaper.


The raven is death. If you see him, run.

3. 'The Rabbit' is straight from a grungy heavy-metal band.


The rabbit is straight out of an early-2000s grungy heavy-metal band. The band would be called "Ravenous Rabbit Death."

4. 'The Lion' is a gaudy casino ornament.


The lion is something you would see walking the strip in Las Vegas. Could definitely scare a small child, or a drunk adult.

5. 'The Bee' is literally a queen.


The bee slays me, but, like, in a creepy way. Yeah.

6. 'The Peacock' is literally straight out of a zoo.


The peacock is majestic, but birds can be creepy. Also, he looks ready to fight someone for his lady peacock.

7. 'The Unicorn' is the future best friend of Olaf.


The unicorn is straight out of "Frozen III." Maybe best friends with Olaf?

8. 'The Poodle' is straight out of 'Rupaul's Drag Race' season 12.


The poodle is, without a doubt, a fierce drag queen. Rated PG-13 because #Scandalous #Sexii.

9. 'The Alien' is from a hip sci-fi movie.


The alien clearly has some hip dance moves. Fricky fricky fresh #Word.

10. 'The Pineapple' is a sexier version of the Kool-Aid man.


The pineapple definitely would have a surfer voice. Maybe he will be on "The Bachelor" in the future instead of "The Masked Singer."

11. 'The Hippo' is a cuddly hipster that should be on Disney Channel.


The hippo looks like something from a hip-new Disney Channel television show aimed for ages 4 to 7. New episodes air Sunday at 11 a.m. EST.

12. 'The Monster' is a "Care Bears"/"Monster's Inc." combination.


Imagine making "Monster's Inc." even more kid-oriented than the original G-rated movie. 11/10 would cuddle every day.

Again, I must ask — Creepy? Or cute? Maybe both? Cannot decide.

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