The Main Reasons Why You Can't Wait To Get Back To College
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The Main Reasons Why You Can't Wait To Get Back To College

Summers fun and all, but it feels great to be back.

The Main Reasons Why You Can't Wait To Get Back To College

As the fun of summer starts to wind down and nights begin to become shorter, college students are officially starting to count down the days of when they can go back to their home away from home. Don't get me wrong I love the stress-free bliss of summer but by the time August comes around I am so anxious to be back at school. Whether you miss your college besties or you're simply tired of hearing your parents constantly nagging you about everything and nothing, here are a few reasons why moving back into college is simply the best time of the year.

1. Picking out new dorm/apartment decor and getting to redecorate.

tapestries, canvas art, pictures, lights, bedding, monograms..the list goes on and on! There's so much to choose from and you cant wait to show off your chic and homey dorm room to all your friends back at home.

2. The first night back out.

The night you've been waiting for is finally here. After endless hours of Netflix and napping in your bed in your boring hometown back home, there's nothing better than your first night of fun back at school. Say goodbye to your new converse because they are about to get destroyed by the floors of a grimy frat house flooded with natty ice and bad decisions (totally worth it).

3. Seeing your college best friends

Sure there's nothing like your hometown friends and there's nothing that will take that away but college friends are just as special. It's been months since you have been able to sit on your bedroom floor at 3 am eating pizza together. The first time you get to be reunited with your college besties is like no other and even though you have been separated for so long you're able to pick right up where you left off.

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4. Freedom

At home your constantly picking up after yourself, forced to tell your parents every move you make, and checking your phone with 40 missed calls from mom because god forbid you went to chill at a friends house across town without telling her. Suddenly once you're a few days into college you start to become ghosted by your parents and may not hear from them for days while you're doing whatever you want and they're so caught up in basking in the beauty of not having kids around the house anymore. Although watch out, because with a little too much freedom you might get a little carried away and sometimes you might need a phone call from your mother to slap yourself back into reality.

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5. Syllabus Week

Okay yes going to class is absolutely dreadful, but having a full week of classes each semester with no responsibility except for getting the syllabus makes it a little more doable. There's not better way to kick off the start of a great school year than sylly week. Get ready for endless nights and say goodbye to the summer bod you worked for for the past months because you're probably gaining back your freshmen 15 that week.

6. Fall

I don't know about you but there's nothing more beautiful when the leaves start to change. Say goodbye to melting in your 1000 degree non air conditioned dorm room. School is in and fall is back. You finally can walk outside and be completely comfortable and there's nothing like a pumpkin spiced coffee to comfort you at 2am while you're crying in the library.

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7. College Football

I still don't understand why college football doesn't go all year round. The absolute best time of the year is finally back. There's nothing like waking up at 9am to get the tailgate started and showing your school pride while cheering the team on to a win.

But then of course it's all fun and games until your professors hit you with the first exam date and you realize you only have 22 hours to memories 10 chapters worth of information.

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