The Magic Of March Madness

The Magic Of March Madness

Why March Madness is Magical.

March Madness is truly something special that comes once a year. Most sports fans don't keep up with college basketball because there are so many teams, tournaments, and players. Not to mention the fact that every rememberable player is gone the next year because they go to the NBA. No causal ESPN viewer really keeps up with college basketball but, once march comes along everyone is a fan and an expert in the crazy world that is March Madness! That is true beauty of March Madness.

Amazing movies don't come along too often but they all have the about the same two things. They put their viewers through a whirlwind of emotion and give the viewer an ending of a lifetime. College basketball has its own amazing movie and it's called March Madness. It comes every year and brings nearly every emotion a human being with a heart can have. Every game in the tourney brings nail-biting stress along with it. Lose one game and the team's whole season is finished. Every late night practice and morning lift would be all are nothing if you lose in the tourney. The seniors on the team have now played their game of basketball if they aren't apart of the lucky few of that will be drafted into the NBA. All that hard work and now they are finished unless they win the game. That is the beautiful suspense of March Madness. There is no redo and no one can predict what will happen. A last place small school can come into the tournament and beat a college basketball powerhouse. Just look at what happen last year; Michigan State has always been great in the tourney and has been dominating in the past decade. Middle Tennesse, on the other hand, has only been in March Madness eight times and won only three games in their short history. Michigan was the second seed and Middle Tennesse was a mere fifteen seed. Noone in the right mind saw Middle Tennesse leaving with a victory but that's exactly what they did. That's when March Madness turned into March Sadness for fans. The heartbreak for Michigan students and alumni plus the feeling of millions of brackets being busted was heard from the Cape Cod to the Space Needle.

The best part of March Madness is the feel good story of the underdog. The one no one sees going very far. These are the teams that break the brackets of fans and still get those same fans to cheer for them. They leave experts with their jaws on the floor trying to explain the madness of their victory. Just look at the 2014 UConn Huskies led by Shabazz Napier. They were a seventh seed that came in and won the whole thing. Even though they crushed the dreams of anyone trying to get a perfect bracket, the fans couldn't help but hope they prove everyone wrong and win. It even got Mr. Napier draft stock to skyrocket because LeBron James fell in love with the cinderella story that was Shabazz and the Huskies.

The best part of any movie is the ending. It ties everything all together like a present. There are no better endings than the final minutes of the March Madness finals. Almost every year the championship game is a sitting on the edge of your seat game. Just last year the game came down to a game-winning shot twice. Agrubablely the top teams in the tourney met each other for the last game. Both played their hearts out with the whole country watching. in the last five seconds, The University of North Carolina made an impressive three-pointer to tie the game. With no time-outs, Villanova threw the ball in the rushed down the court. With a second left, they fired off a three-pointer and made it. In that short amount of time, the world either had their hearts tragically broken or a celebration of a lifetime.

Sports bring people together, however, a lot of the time people are rooting against each other. March Madness is the only event that brings people together to celebrate the wonderful sport of basketball. March Madness is not a holiday but it is pretty damn close. People of all kinds sit and watch the games together. Schools that have never seen the spotlight get to hear thousands cheer them on. Students athletes that never made it past their local news stations are all of a sudden the star of Sportscenter. Every college campus comes together to watch their team and pray to play for another day. Currently, the United States is stuck in a bad place and we are on the path of splitting our country up based on race, religion, gender, and so much more. March Madness to some might just be basketball tournament between universities but, it is so much more. It takes up the media and gives us a break from the cruel world around us. Now more then ever we have earned a break and once this magical month ends will all have to go back to the real world. For now, let's enjoy the magic of March Madness.

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I Am A College Student, And I Think Free Tuition Is Unfair To Everyone Who's Already Paid For It

Stop expecting others to pay for you.


I attend Fordham University, a private university in the Bronx.

I commute to school because I can't afford to take out more loans than I already do.

Granted, I've received scholarships because of my grades, but they don't cover my whole tuition. I am nineteen years old and I have already amassed the debt of a 40-year-old. I work part-time and the money I make covers the bills I have to pay. I come from a middle-class family, but my dad can't afford to pay off my college loans.

I'm not complaining because I want my dad to pay my loans off for me; rather I am complaining because while my dad can't pay my loans off (which, believe me, he wants too), he's about to start paying off someone else's.

During the election, Bernie frequently advocated for free college.

Now, if he knew enough about economics he would know it simply isn't feasible. Luckily for him, he is seeing his plan enacted by Cuomo in NY. Cuomo has just announced that in NY, state public college will be free.

Before we go any further, it's important to understand what 'free' means.

Nothing is free; every single government program is paid for by the taxpayers. If you don't make enough to have to pay taxes, then something like this doesn't bother you. If you live off welfare and don't pay taxes, then something like this doesn't bother you. When someone offers someone something free, it's easy to take it, like it, and advocate for it, simply because you are not the one paying for it.

Cuomo's free college plan will cost $163,000,000 in the first year (Did that take your breath away too?). Now, in order to pay for this, NY state will increase their spending on higher education to cover these costs. Putting two and two together, if the state decides to raise their budget, they need money. If they need money they look to the taxpayers. The taxpayers are now forced to foot the bill for this program.

I think education is extremely important and useful.

However, my feelings on the importance of education does not mean that I think it should be free. Is college expensive? Yes -- but more so for private universities. Public universities like SUNY Cortland cost around $6,470 per year for in-state residents. That is still significantly less than one of my loans for one semester.

I've been told that maybe I shouldn't have picked a private university, but like I said, I believe education is important. I want to take advantage of the education this country offers, and so I am going to choose the best university I could, which is how I ended up at Fordham. I am not knocking public universities, they are fine institutions, they are just not for me.

My problems with this new legislation lie in the following: Nowhere are there any provisions that force the student receiving aid to have a part-time job.

I work part-time, my sister works part-time, and plenty of my friends work part-time. Working and going to school is stressful, but I do it because I need money. I need money to pay my loans off and buy my textbooks, among other things. The reason I need money is because my parents can't afford to pay off my loans and textbooks as well as both of my sisters'. There is absolutely no reason why every student who will be receiving aid is not forced to have a part-time job, whether it be working in the school library or waitressing.

We are setting up these young adults up for failure, allowing them to think someone else will always be there to foot their bills. It's ridiculous. What bothers me the most, though, is that my dad has to pay for this. Not only my dad, but plenty of senior citizens who don't even have kids, among everyone else.

The cost of living is only going up, yet paychecks rarely do the same. Further taxation is not a solution. The point of free college is to help young adults join the workforce and better our economy; however, people my parents' age are also needed to help better our economy. How are they supposed to do so when they can't spend their money because they are too busy paying taxes?

Free college is not free, the same way free healthcare isn't free.

There is only so much more the taxpayers can take. So to all the students about to get free college: get a part-time job, take personal responsibility, and take out a loan — just like the rest of us do. The world isn't going to coddle you much longer, so start acting like an adult.

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Due To The Achilles Injury That Kevin Durant Has Sustained, This Will Affect His Free Agency And Game

What is next for one of the greatest players in NBA history?


Let me start this article off by saying that I am not a Golden State Warriors fan. I am not a Kevin Durant fan, and I have not been since he left the OKC Thunder in 2016. I have an always have been an OKC fan and yes I hated Kevin Durant with such a passion. That is until Monday, June 10th. That is the day when I saw the toll being an NBA player takes on the humans that play the game. Each decision they make is judged so harshly that even if they get injured, the fault has to fall on someone, even if no one is to blame.

Game 5 showed us that Kevin Durant is very much human and clearly understands that. I have no respect for the Raptors fans who started cheering when he fell to the floor clutching his Achilles. As a fan base, I understand the stakes of the game but that doesn't make it ok to cheer when a player might be out for the rest of the series. That is a reflection I know the Raptors or the NBA don't want.

The NBA is a business and the reaction of these fans makes it seem like it's all about the completion and nothing about the game that has changed and affected so many people's lives. It also makes it seem like the fans do not show empathy for anything but the win and that the players must do everything to get the win.

As for Kevin Durant's future, it is up in doubt because an Achilles Tear has been a devastating injury to players in the past. The Achilles is the biggest tendon in the body and tearing such an integral component will clearly rob KD of the some of the length and athleticism he plays with because the surgery and the rehab are so long and difficult to complete. We may never see the person who completely took over the finals and carried his team to victory or score 30-50 a night with an insanely high-efficiency rate. All of that goes up in doubt because of this one horrible and career threatening injury.

As for his free agency, I think that this injury will help KD understand the fan base he has around him and his teammates who need him just as much as he needs them. The Raptors have stolen the finals from KD and the Warriors and this might compel him to stay another season and compete for a 3rd championship instead of going somewhere such as New York.

As for New York, they might as well start preparing for a losing season as they do not have the 1st overall pick to get Zion Williamson and Kyrie Irving has stated that he would much rather play for the Nets than the Knicks. That has to hurt a franchise who was looking to build a big three with the edition of KD and attempt to compete for a championship. All in all, I want to wish KD the best of luck in recovering and becoming a top 3 player in the NBA again.

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