The Liberation Of Letting Go
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The Liberation Of Letting Go

Embracing the positive aspects of forgiveness in order to achieve authentic peace, genuine freedom, and self love.

The Liberation Of Letting Go
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Emotional and physical anguish is never easy to deal with. However, the feeling that comes from doing so surpasses all. Often, people associate the healing portion of forgiveness with sadness. This is not always the case. The power and rejuvenation that comes with letting go of past mistakes and situations provide liberation.

Moving forward is one of the most difficult, yet essential keys to growth and elevation. Success cannot be achieved without trial and error. Perfection is the ultimate goal but is unattainable. Therefore, we can not expect everyone we come in contact with to have it all together. Everyone has their ideal mindset and expectation of how they should be treated. The reality is we don't always get who and what we want and that is perfectly okay. Everyone responds differently and we must accept whatever they are willing to give. As hard as we try, we can not control the actions of another person. Understanding that everyone is not willing to find a common ground comes with time and maturity.

Letting go doesn't always generate bitter and hard feelings. Miscommunications, lack of trust, or simply maturing can lead to the separation. Someone once said, "Some people are investments. Some people are bills. Know the difference." Some things or people are meant to be in your life for a season, while some remain for a lifetime. If they are not willing to ride with you through the dark times, they shouldn't be able to bask in your glorious light when you make a way out of your circumstance. The most important thing is to figure out who is worth your effort and who is not.

Most people desire happiness, but it should never be at the expense of your mental or physical well being. Things meant for you do not always come easy or happen overnight. However, they should never bring so much turmoil that you begin to question your inner being or generate behavioral changes to accommodate the needs of another person. You can not control how others treat you or the energy that they give. As the "master of your fate" and "captain of your soul," you must maintain control over your thoughts, emotions, and responses. This will ultimately kick start the feeling of everlasting peace and freedom.

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