As January comes to a close most of us begin to reflect on the new year's resolutions we set for ourselves and just how successful we were in sticking to them. For some, their goals have seemed like a piece of cake which is amazing, but for the rest of us we are struggling to get our footing. If you're anything like me, some of your goals may even conflict with each other, making them seemingly impossible to overcome and that can be very detouring and disheartening.

For example, two of my goals for 2019 are gain more weight and also eat mainly vegetarian/vegan. If you know anything about dietary facts, the easiest way to gain weight is to eat foods like meat, cheese, and eggs and then drink things like milk often because they are both calorie dense and fat dense. On the opposite hand, people typically eat vegetarian/vegan when they aim to lose weight. You see my predicament now.

I am basically battling my love for animals and the empathy I feel for those in the meat and dairy industry with the knowledge that I am the unhealthiest I have ever been and if I don't gain weight soon it could be detrimental now into the future. I thought for a while that I was going to have to choose between myself and the animals, and in a way, I did.

What I decided to do was completely cut meat aside from five overall meals a week I will either eat fish or chicken, no beef and no pork. This was so I didn't get too low on protein or fats. Every other meal would be strictly vegetarian/vegan with an extra emphasis on foods like nuts, beans, and of course fruits and vegetables. I have also decided that once I break my desired weight I would cut meat and dairy products all together and try to maintain my weight in a more ethical manner.

Yes, I am still bothered by the fact that I am still eating fish and chicken. But after a month of this dietary habit I have not felt like I was going to pass out after exerting any sort of energy, my stomach doesn't feeling it's turning any time I eat something. I've started to feel more energetic and happy with myself and my body. I have only gained two pounds over the month but I can already feel the difference it has made.

I guess the point of this is to just not give up on something you believe will better you. Life is all about compromises so don't just toss aside something because it wasn't working for you, or because it seems impossible to accomplish. Take a step back and see what can be changed, what can be altered, what can be sacrificed, before you disregard any of your goals entirely. So if January wasn't that successful in terms of sticking with your resolutions don't beat yourself up over it and think you are too late to achieve it. It's all about the compromise and finding what works the best for you.