Garden Fresh Gameday Cocktails - Recipes to Craft w/ Plants You Grow

Garden Fresh Gameday Cocktails - Recipes to Craft w/ Plants You Grow

What's Gameday without a cocktail? Step it up and make one from scratch!

Garden in Minutes

Our gardening friends at Garden in Minutes know how to party – and every gameday is a party (says this FSU alum). Combining their passion for growing vibrant gardens with classic and trendy drinks, the following six cocktails are sure to elevate your gameday experience from fun to poppin' to turnt! Growing instructions are based on square foot gardening for those of us that lack growing space. Even if you a small porch, there's always enough room to grow a garden.

Refreshing Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber may be one of the most refreshing vegetables out there. Put them on your salads, eyes, or in your drink – it doesn't matter. Known to produce large yields, they do best if planted after the last frost due to their frost-susceptibility. They can be planted 2 to one square foot and need to receive plenty of sunlight. Pro-tip: Don't let them get too big or they can develop a bitter taste.

Cucumber-Infused Gin

A drink for those who want refined simplicity, this drink takes a week to make but only 5 basic steps. Once your cucumbers are ready, harvest them and slice ¼" thick. Fill a mason jar with the cucumber slices and top off with your favorite gin. Shake the jar a few times daily for a week, then open and strain out the cucumbers. Now, you have cucumber-infused gin.

Cucumber Gin Gimlet

Not a fan of gin alone, even when infused with cucumber? Then this may be what you're looking for. Comprised of four ingredients, a gimlet is simple to make and delicious to drink. Mixing cucumber-infused gin, lime juice, sugar, and a lime wedge and straining into a fancy cup will give your homemade gin some extra flavor and be a crowd pleaser.

"The Spicy Dame"

Some of us like the light cucumber flavor, but there are those who live a little fuego. If you need a little zip in your drink to get going for gameday, then this jalapeno, cucumber, and vodka cocktail is the medicine. Jalapenos can be planted (1 per square foot) at the same time as your cucumber after the last frost, and you'll have harvest-ready jalapenos by summertime. If you really want to get crazy, plant mint and ginger as well to create this drink completely from scratch. It can take more time to make, but the results are well worth it.

"The Great Pumpkin Margarita"

For fans of the Fall season, Charlie Brown, and looking as fancy as Gatsby, try the pumpkin margarita. Pumpkins, due to their size, can be planted 1 per square foot after the last frost. Warning: Pumpkins take a while to grow – roughly 75-100 days. So, plan accordingly. After blending the pumpkin, lime, lemon, tequila, ice, and a smidgeon of cinnamon or nutmeg, pour into a festive cup and garnish with an additional sprinkle of cinnamon. Like most margaritas – and the amount of pumpkin you'll have – this is made best in bulk.

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