It has been nearly a month now since Republican primary candidate Donald Trump defended the size of his penis during a GOP Debate.

That is a month of time that I have had to think about Donald Trump's genitals, but more importantly, I have had to consider the importance of penis size in running a country.

Unfortunately, the importance of a leader's penis is not a new development. In fact, the most discussed penis in recent history is probably Adolf Hitler's.

People, labeling themselves as historians, have begun speculating that Hitler had a penis that was not only deformed but effeminately small. While it has been confirmed that Hitler was prescribed hormones to supplement his sex drive and possible documentation suggesting an undescended testicle, there has been no reliable account of a deformed penis.

Inquiries into the size of both Hitler's and Trump's penis are not made to gain insight into history but as a way to emasculate both men and draw a parallel between their chauvinism and phallus.

When Marco Rubio questions Donald Trump's hands and their relationship to his penis, he is directly attacking the ego and masculinity of his opponent rather than his ideals. The same can be said for journalists reporting about Hitler's allegedly deformed penis.

Where these comments break outside of the egotistical and into the political is in their reinforcement of hyper-masculine narratives regarding the importance of a large phallus. Although large penises can be associated with barbarism, and are still used as a way to exotify and fetishize members of the black community, smaller penises are near universally considered to be feminine.

Thus when an argument points to the size of a candidates penis it is often does as a way to emasculate him. It is a hyper-masculine way of illustrating that a leader is bad, not because of their politics, but because of their more feminine genitals.

While it is important to criticize men like Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, it should be done in a way which addresses their ideas, not their penises.