Holiday break is finally here! You know what that means! Time for naps, free time, aaaannndd.... family dinners. Once you finish shuddering, continue reading please.

Now if you are anything like me, you get along well with your direct family. But once Christmas Eve hits, you are faced with plenty of uncles and cousins you see once or twice a year. These events always make for some drama.

Take a shot if....

An adult asks you how your finals went.

An adult asks you if you have a boy/girl friend (and take two if they ask if you have a partner that doesn't match your sexual orientation.)

A kid asks if you have a boy/girl friend.

"Come give _____ a kiss." (and take two if you are over the age of 20.)

Someone passes a baby to you for you to watch.

People go and excuse themselves into the kitchen to argue.

Someone is gifted a candle.

Politics are brought up.

"Hey who's parked behind Uncle ____?"

Someone is drunkenly singing Christmas carols.

Finish your drink if...

You are in a relationship and someone asks when you're getting married.

An unexpected (and uninvited) guest shows up.

Someone hands you a baby and says, "you're next, you know."

Someone receives an offensive gift.

A relatives ex-girlfriend or wife is brought up.

Someone takes the, "well how about our new president," bait.

Someone is drunkenly stumbling.

Just grab the whole bottle if...

"You know I know this nice boy...."

A heated political discussion begins.

Your unexpected guest starts arguing with someone else outside.

A child starts riding the dog like a horse.

Someone drops a glass plate in the kitchen.

Someone brings up conspiracy theories.