Christmas is the happiest time of year; friends, family, and everyone else from all walks of life come together to celebrate. But sometimes Christmas can be hard. Preparing for it, getting everyone together, shopping, and the list goes on and on. Christmas can be lonely, and it can be difficult.

Around this time of year, I think back on the good times I've had with people in my life, and people who are no longer in my life. People come and go like the breeze, but the memories are always there. I love my memories, especially the ones of my Granny at Christmas. There would be so much wrapping paper covering the floor you couldn't see the carpet. Everyone in my family would come together, and we'd be so happy. Now, I'm not saying I'm unhappy, but I miss the days of being four years old and getting a new Barbie for Christmas from my Granny.

Memories flood my mind when this time of year rolls around; the snow, the decorations, the laughter, and the happiness, everything comes flooding back. My life has changed over the years since I was four years old, sitting among all the wrapping paper on the floor, and playing with the new toys my Granny had given me.

This year, I am struggling to enjoy Christmas as much as that four-year-old girl did because I am going to school full time, and trying to study for two tests to get into my teacher prep program. It's hard to get into the holiday spirit when you have to worry about studying when all you want to do is relax and enjoy time off from school.

Thankfully, I have my family, my best friend, my boyfriend, and many others helping me to study and try to perk up my Christmas spirit. Hopefully, once Christmas Day rolls around, I will feel better than I do now. But long story short, Christmas is hard and it can wear you down, but if you have the right people by your side, Christmas is the best time of the year.